Two Weeks to Wires & Nerve!!

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We’re just two weeks away from WIRES & NERVE hitting bookshelves and I couldn’t be any more excited!!!


If you haven’t been following the serialization, get caught up here.



Though I won’t be going on tour for this book, I hope to see lots of people at the launch party in Tacoma, WA.

Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Time: 7:00 pm

The Tacoma Public Library Main Branch
1102 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 292-2001


I’ll be talking about the inspiration behind Wires and Nerve, and a little bit about my process for writing my first graphic novel and how it varied from writing a novel. Q&A and a signing to follow.

There will also be a costume show (SO DRESS UP!!), a face painter, a raffle, and a TLC coloring book station. Fun for the whole family!

Important: To enter the signing line, you must purchase a copy of Wires & Nerve from our awesome bookseller, King’s Books. Beyond that, however, I will sign all the books, so feel free to bring your whole set!

Are you coming? Let me know at !!

* * *

Can’t make it to the launch party?  You can still order a signed book! King’s Bookstore is happy to ship it to you! Order here or call 253.272.8801.

* * *

In other news, I am so jealous of the Wires and Nerve designer, who got to travel to the printer to see it coming off the press. Check out this super cool behind-the-scenes video and join me in the vicarious living!


  1. Winter Hayle commented on:

    Oh my stars, I cannot wait for Wires and Nerve, and neither can my brother! I just want to verify, though: if I order online from King’s Bookstore, I’ll get a *signed* copy? I just want to make sure I’m not spending $28 for an unsigned copy when I can get an unsigned copy from Amazon for $16. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Lunarchronicleslover commented on:

    This is awesome! I really wish I could go. You should come to Las Vegas for tour with one of your upcoming books. I am your number one fan! I have read the lunar chronicles 7 times and have never gotten tired of rereading it.. You and your books are such an inspiration! I I was wondering if you planned heartless to come out on 7/8 (The wedding date). Also was Peony 13 or 14. One part of the series says 14 and the othe says 13. Thank you so much Marissa Meyer.

  3. commented on:

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  4. TheWandofMithril commented on:

    Will you ever be in South Carolina for a book signing?

  5. Marium commented on:

    Wish I could be there!
    Btw will there be no more excerpts from Wires & Nerves, after excerpt 7?


  6. Gwen Gonzalez commented on:

    Stars it cannot be I’m in tears with joy but when will you be in New York would love to be part of a signing

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