Join the #CyborgMonday Festivities!

Posted on: 1st Dec 2014  /   Categorized: Fairest

Forget Cyber Monday, we’re having our own cyber party all day today—officially dubbed Cyborg Monday—as we unlock exclusive new Lunar Chronicles content and start preparing ourselves for the upcoming release of Fairest on January 27!



Things to Do Right Now


1. Check out our newly redesigned Lunar Chronicles Web Site:


2. Test out the brand new Glamour Yourself App. Make your own video or image into a Levana-style glamour, then share it with your friends!

glamour yourself


3. View the entries (so far) for the Fairest Fanart Contest, then enter your own Queen Levana-inspired design. The grand prize winner will be flown out to the Fairest Launch Party in Tacoma, WA, in January!


Fairest contest

(Open to US and Canada. Ends December 31.)


4. Enter the Cyborg Monday Sweepstakes on Instagram. You could win a copy of Fairest plus a Fairest poster and mirror!




Help Us Unlock More Exclusive Content


fairest unlock content 

Want to read the first chapter of Fairest? Listen to a video of me reading an excerpt from the book? Download Lunar Chronicles wallpapers? See what cities I’ll be traveling to for the Fairest tour next January?



Then it’s up to you to help us unlock all this content!



How to unlock exclusive content:


– Tweet using the hashtags #Fairest, #CyborgMonday, and #GlamourYourself

– Post to Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook using the #CyborgMonday hashtag

– Share your #GlamourYourself image on the social media of your choice

– Like The Lunar Chronicles on Facebook

– Like and Share this post on Facebook

– Follow @MacTeenBooks on Instagram

– Follow @FierceReads on Tumblr and Twitter

– Follow me (@marissa_meyer) on Twitter



All of those tweets, shares, follows, and reblogs are currently being monitored by Cress, and when we reach certain milestones, content will be unlocked! So get busy!



Join in the #CyborgMonday Twitter Chat


fairest twitter chat

Bring your questions and excitement to the #CyborgMonday Twitter chat, happening tonight at 9:00EST/6:00PST.



Join the Cress Read-a-Thon

Cress readathon

Read and share your thoughts on Cress between now and December 14! More details can be found here.


  1. Adele commented on:

    I don’t like this unlocking stuff. It’s just a sneaky way to advertise your books.

  2. Marissa commented on:

    I can understand that perspective. Personally, I think it’s neat way to get the fans involved with building the buzz for the next book.

  3. Oksana Kosarenko commented on:

    This unlocking is fun, yes, but it’s limited to those who have all these social media accounts. Those who don’t have them – trying to stay away from the procrastination – won’t be able to get these goodies. Even if we’re Lunar Chronicles fans.

  4. Anna commented on:

    Sadly, that is true :(.
    But anyway, I’m still looking forward to the book, Marissa ;), even if I can’t unlock all this stuff…

  5. Marissa commented on:

    But once something is unlocked, everyone should have access to it! You just have to go to and view or download whichever of the goodies you want. Like right now we have the first page of Fairest available and a downloadable wallpaper. Enjoy!

  6. Lauren! commented on:

    I AM FREAKING OUT. At first I came onto the blog all sad because I forgot about Cyborg Monday. I looked at the unlocked stuff and it’s all great, especially the book tour. Anyone want to know why?!?! *cricket noises* Okay, I’ll tell! One of the stops is right by where I live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Dances to the beat of now excited crickets* Whooooooooo!!!!!!!!! *dances terribly and spins a random stranger*
    Okay. Sorry for little freak out. Carry on.

  7. Anonymous commented on:

    Will there be any Winter material releases anytime soon?!

  8. anonymus commented on:

    you haven’t posted since last year!!

  9. RITZ COOKIES + HOT CHEETOS commented on:

    I have read your entire series in less than two months and now I have to wait almost a year for Winter! 🙁
    I just wanted to ask you what would be covered in the book without any spoilers.



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