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Posted on: 14th Jul 2014  /   Categorized: Fairest

The last few months spent on a blogging hiatus have not been in vain—I’ve been one busy writer-ess! So I thought I’d clue you all in to what’s been happening behind the scenes and some projects you have to look forward to in the coming years.




FAIREST : As most of you know, my next novel, Fairest, was finally announced a few weeks ago. I am SUPER excited to share with you all the backstory of Queen Levana and how she became Princess Winter’s stepmother and Luna’s power-hungry dictator. After completing my final revisions on Fairest about a month ago, I’m now waiting to receive copyedits.

Release: 27 January 2015


WINTER PREQUEL SHORT STORY : Having written a prequel companion story for each of the first three books of the Lunar Chronicles, I couldn’t stand to leave Winter out! I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a Winter-based prequel and intend to draft something out by the end of this month. I have no idea how or when my publisher will want to release it, but I hope it will be available to readers before Winter comes out next year. Stay tuned!

Release: TBD



WINTER : Most likely your  most anticipated read, Winter, is chugging along! This book has been a long, hard slog, in part because it’s just so darn big and complex. (Four major plotlines? Seriously? What was I thinking?) But it’s finally shaping up and I’m working with my editor and beta-readers to make this the most epic and satisfying series conclusion that I possibly can. At this point I’m waiting to receive notes from my editor before I embark on Draft #5 (hopefully the final draft, but… we’ll see.)

Release: 10 November 2015


HEARTLESS : My Queen of Hearts-inspired prequel is the book I’ve been focused on most the past couple of months, and Draft #2 will be finished by the end of July. It’s only the second draft, so there are still a lot of things about it that I’m not happy with, but so far it’s been a lot of fun to write! I look forward to sharing my version of Wonderland with you all.

Expected release: February 2016


PETTICOATS & PISTOLS  ANTHOLOGY : A few months ago I was invited to partake in my first YA anthology, edited by the lovely and talented Jessica Spotswood! The anthology will be a collection of historical and historical fantasy stories with a focus on strong female protagonists, and there is a super impressive roster of contributing authors! My story will be set in Deadwood, South Dakota Territory, during the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1876-77. I’ve been conducting lots of research these past months and hope to draft my story this week.

Expected release: Early 2016


SECRET PROJECT : My publisher and I are working on something special that I can’t really talk about, but I can tell you that it’s been on my writer wish-list since I was a teenager. I’ve started doing some preliminary brainstorming and research and hope to have news to share with you guys by the end of this year.

Release: TBD, but I would expect early 2017 at this point



A BRAND NEW SERIES! : Last but far from least, I have a burning seed of an idea involving superheroes and supervillains that’s been plaguing me for well over a year now. I hope that, with any luck, I’ll be able to start writing it later this fall. Lately I’ve been brainstorming and doing some preliminary research for the series, and I’ll start outlining it as soon as I can cross some of the fore-mentioned projects off my list. Might this be another NaNoWriMo book? One can hope!

Expected release for Book One: Fall 2016



Whew! So that’s what’s on my plate now, meaning lots and lots of reading fun for the future. No rest for the wicked, right?


  1. Carina Olsen commented on:

    ACK! So exciting 😀 So many amazing books coming out by you. <3 I cannot wait to read them all. And you are so amazing for writing so many books 🙂 Thank you Marissa. <3

  2. Kt commented on:

    You are a busy little writer-bee! Wow. I am so excited for Winter and Fairest sounds like it will be fantastic. I love the idea behind it.

    Congrats on so many (awesome!) projects.

  3. Morgan commented on:

    Holy cow that is a LOT of new projects to look forward to! I’m excited for every single one, you are one of my auto-buy authors 🙂 I love The Lunar Chronicles a whole lot and am excited for more of that, as well as new stories from you! Good luck with all the writing/revising/etc.

  4. Rosemary A. Blodgett (@RosemaryAubry) commented on:

    Very excited to hear about all your projects. I’ll be NaNoing in November also – I wish you well.

  5. Shally commented on:

    I am your biggest fan. I barley can wait to read Winter. I wonder if cinder claims her rightful throne back. I have read cinder , scarlet and cress. They all were amazing.

  6. Katherine commented on:

    I loved your previous novels (you’re REALLY talented) and I’m so looking forward to all your new projects!!

    I’ve been anticipating Winter but also INTRIGUED by Fairest… excited.

  7. Aimee commented on:

    So excited! Of course I can’t wait for Winter but everything else on this list is super exciting. I’m really interested in the superhero series, because I love superheroes and I don’t see too many books about them. Also really interested in Petticoats and Pistols, I love reading about women’s history <3 The time period for your story intrigues me because it's not one I know much about, though as a California kid I grew up hearing about the California Gold Rush. Anyway, super excited to see all the great things to come!

  8. Monique commented on:

    Thank you so much for being so diligent and doing so much work over your blogging hiatus. <3 That's a lot of effort to put in! I believe you are super talented and I can't wait for Fairest and Winter! Now I'm even anxious for the short story prequel for Winter and that secret project you're talking about. I wish you ultimate success and many other blessings! FYI: You're Amazing!

  9. Alexa S. commented on:

    WOW! Marissa, your list of projects just keeps growing, and I LOVE IT. I’m always going to be excited for anything you’re writing and publishing! CANNOT WAIT.

  10. Priya commented on:

    Ohmigod, I’m SO excited for all these new books! You’re such a talented writer, and I’m positive all these new editions are going to be amazing. It’s a wonder you find time to juggle all these different projects. And I can’t WAIT for Fairest! You’re the best, Marissa! <3

  11. Keanna commented on:

    I can’t wait for all this new reading material <3
    I have loved everything you've writen so far, and your next projects sound just as amazing!

  12. starryeyedjen commented on:

    This is flipping fantastic news! I’m completely in love with the Lunar Chronicles, so knowing how much more you have on the way is the best news ever! Too bad I don’t know how to pace myself and will still be in need of more Marissa Meyer goodness days after each of these releases. 🙂

  13. Conner commented on:

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo excited for all of these to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Bonnie @ A Backwards Story commented on:

    Good luck with it all, Marissa!

    Sounds like you have a lot of great stuff lined up. I love how supportive Macmillan is of you!

  15. Kari commented on:

    All of this is so exciting! For one, I love your writing and your first 3 novels so I’m (not so) patiently waiting for anything written by you. And two, all that up there is like my dream come true and it’s great to see that being a novelist can be a viable and busy career!

  16. Nina commented on:


    WHY THE WAAIIITT??!!??!!?!?!?

  17. Skyril commented on:

    I’m horrified by the fact that you aren’t releasing Winter until November 2015! Especially considering that you released Cress in February and you’re probably on your last draft of Winter. You could easily have it finished by February of 2015. Next November, I’ll be in college, and I probably won’t have time to read… By November, more than a year will have gone by, and I’ll probably have forgotten too much to be able to pick it up and read it….
    I’m just about to start Cress. I ate up Cinder and Scarlet in the last two weeks- I just finished Scarlet this morning and bought Cress this afternoon and intend to start reading it tonight. By next week, I’ll probably have finished and have more than a year to wait for Winter. :/ I desperately there’s some way you’ll change your mind and release Winter sooner!!

  18. Haley Aaryn commented on:

    Hey Marissa have you ever read Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson? It’s about supervillians and the humans that fight back. I seriously love that series!!! I love your writing too!!!

  19. Emily commented on:

    I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! Thank you for writing so much! I am dying to read Winter, and know it will be fantabulous. I can’t believe we readers have all this to look forward to! How am I going to survive???

  20. Skyril commented on:

    Ah, me again. I’m around 3/5 through Cress. Wow! What a great book! I’ve given your first two books a five on goodreads, and it looks like I’ll be giving this on five too… I sure hope you change your mind and release Winter sooner. It will kill me to have to wait that long!

  21. zezza f. commented on:

    I’ve just finished Cress. (Fantastic book, by the way. ) And one sentence in particular caught my attention, “It was set to an animated netfeed that showed orange octopuses and blue children bopping around to tech-beats.” Is this by chance a tribute to the movie Serenity? The Oaty bar, the commercial that set River Tam off. I’d love it if it were.

  22. Skyril commented on:

    I just finished Cress last night.
    Aw, man, that was SUCH an amazing book! I reviewed it on goodreads:

    ~reads the above comment by Zezza F.~ Oh, wow! That would be so amazing! You know, I thought something sounded familiar about that, but I couldn’t think why.

  23. Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens commented on:

    OH NO! We have to wait for more than a year to read Winter? Huhuhuhuhuhu. Won’t you include the Little Mermaid on your future projects? I’m still looking for that perfect mermaid book but it seems that I’m not going to have it. 🙁

  24. Briana B. commented on:

    So amazed that you are working and managing all of these projects! Can’t wait for them all!!

  25. Mira commented on:

    I’ve been reading your books for the past few days and they were AMAZING but to be honest I was really sad that I have to wait until January for winter I really liked her I hope she helps scarlet out and joins cinder who I think was one of her 2 friends anyways if winter is about well winter and fairest is about levant then will there be a sixth book?

  26. Mira commented on:

    I’ve been reading your books for the past few days and they were AMAZING but to be honest I was really sad that I have to wait until January for winter I really liked her I hope she helps scarlet out and joins cinder who I think was one of her 2 friends I actually read the book as a favor to a friend, in my school we have to get a book from the library and then do a test on it after 2 weeks, her mom was sick and I knew she didn’t want to let her grade down so i offered to read it… That was 3 days ago and now I’m on the verge of tears because I just read the release date of winter 🙁 anyways if winter is about well winter and fairest is about levant then will there be a sixth book?

  27. Marissa commented on:

    Hi Mira, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books! There will be just 5 books in the series, and yes, Fairest is a prequel based on Levana, which will be out this January, and Winter is about Princess Winter (based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), and it actually won’t be out until November 2015. *dodges tomatoes*

    I hope you’ll enjoy them both and find Winter to be well worth the wait!

  28. Marissa Guarneri commented on:

    hey! we have the same name! so I’ve read all 3 of the cinder books that are out in like the past four days and can say that I absolutly loved them and could not stop reading. I’ve always had a passion for books and when I read cinder I couldn’t wait until I could go to the store again so I bought both books on my kindle as I am on vacation right now. I finished all of them as of like two seconds ago and I went scavenging for the release date of the fourth book and i actually can’t wait! I was literally rolling on the floor in pain because I neeeeed that book to survive!!! haha just kidding anyways, I love your writing and you are one of my role models.

  29. Madi commented on:

    Thank you for all your time and effort you’ve put into these books. When I read this I started hyperventilating from excitement (don’t worry, I’m ok… I won’t die before I read Winter and Fairest). Your books are amazing, from the moment I saw Cinder, I just picked it up, read it, and got totally obsessed over it. You did a great job writing ALL of your books. Thank you so much for being awesome- Madi

  30. Ana commented on:

    Hi Marissa! 🙂 When you mentioned Heartless, I was wondering… have you read the Alice in the Country of Hearts mangas? 😀 Congratulations on all your success, your books are amazing /u\

  31. Sarah commented on:

    Hello Mrs. Meyer!!! So it’s early 2015 now, a few days before Fairest is released—I’ll be attending your Feb 2nd event in Phoenix to celebrate and get a signature and maybe a picture? 🙂 —and was wondering approximately when the Winter cover will be revealed? (Or has it not yet been designed?)
    Thank you! Can’t wait till Feb 2nd! Keep writing we love you xoxo

  32. Tessa commented on:

    Oh my Bob! That is A LOT of writing!! I barely get an hour to write! I can’t imagine what it’s like to have four or five projects going on at once. Thank heaven I’m only fourteen.

  33. Giulianna commented on:

    Eeeek soo exited! , I know you have a LOT on your plate but if you could think about doing another series involving sleeping beauty and/or beauty and the beast that’d be great! Aaanyway I’ve read the lunar chronicles 3 time including winter I love all your books YOU ARE MY FAVORITE AUTHOR… I swear, if I could kill someone to have advanced books I totally would thx for writing all these magnificent book and good luck!!!

  34. efi commented on:

    I really love your books, I adore the way you create new stories based on classic old time favourite fairytales and while I am excited for your new books I would love to read at least a short story about what happened to our heroes from the lunars chronicles after Winter when eventually everything calmed down both in Lunar and Earth.

  35. Anna Da silva commented on:

    Hi, my name is Anna. I’m in love with your series,lunar Chronicles. I wanted to know if you would ever consider making another book about how cinder is holding up with her responsibilities while having a relationship, how scarlet and wolf are doing at the farm and troubles that might bring from wolf, how winter is dealing with life now that she has the chip , and how cress and the captain are doing in their relationship. All these questions go through my head and I can’t stop thinking of what has happened now. I keep rereading the book and I’m still asking “this can’t be the ending, can it?”
    I hope that I wasn’t disturbing you and I’m sorry if I had waisted your time.

    With love, Anna.

  36. Catherine Mcclain commented on:

    Hi, My name is Catherine. I love all your books, and must be honest, I have shed quite a lot of tears through out all of your books, but I’ve cried my heart out in *Heartless*. Once finished with the book I felt that my heart had been ripped out along with Catherines’. But anyhow that does not come to the point of why I’m writing to you. I’ve come to ask about the new series that was supposed to come out in Fall 2016. Fall 2016 has come and long gone, so my question is when will the new series be out for us to read?
    Also I am a big fan of fairy tale retellings and was wondering if you’ve ever considered writing a series about Alice in Wonderland?

  37. Elide (Eli) commented on:

    Good Day! My name is Elide, but most people call me Eli (pronounced Ellie). Anyways, I’m a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles and of your new book Heartless. I have all the books bought and mounted on my bookshelf, just a hand grasp away from me. I get filled with a variety of emotions each time I read any of your books. I enjoy losing myself in each world you create and in each character that you bring to life, which comes to a question that has been filling my thoughts: Will you be releasing a new book soon? I really hope so, as I do love your writing, your character’s, and of course your story telling! I just can’t seem to wait, the anticipation is honestly killing me. But, anyways, I will try to endure but I do hope it won’t take long. (I know I sound selfish, please excuse me I just honestly love your fairy tale retellings!) Well it sounds like I’m rambling, so …. If you read this Thank You!

  38. Ken commented on:

    Hello, my nickname is Ken. I love your lunar chronicles series to death and was kind of wandering if you are going to write another one from where you left off. Like you find out about someone who is related to Cinder, who no one knew about except the three people who cared for her. The story would kinda of be like the story about Aurora. I am sorry if this took up some of your time to read and it may be a waste. I am loving all your books so far and will love what your are working on and what is in store. The thing about Aurora was just something I thought you would make a lot cooler than what I had in mind. If you read this, thank you so much for taking the time and writing all the books that you write.

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  41. Mira commented on:

    Please tell me there is a sequel to heartless! PLEASE!

  42. Mira commented on:

    Please tell me there is a sequel to heartless! PLEASE!

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