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Posted on: 31st Mar 2016  /   Categorized: Gatlon

Welcome to April, and… the start of Camp NaNoWriMo 2016!




I decided to take on Camp Nano this year for the very first time. Though I’m an old NaNo pro, I’m excited to be doing a new challenge, and at a time of year when I might be able to get some work done while sitting on a blanket in the grass beneath the warm sunshine… which is slightly optimistic given the Pacific Northwest springtime rainy season, but… never stop dreaming!


If you’re not familiar with Camp Nano, it’s put on by the same folks who bring us National Novel Writing Month every November. But rather than being supplied with a writing goal (a 50,000 word novel in 30 days), you get to choose your own goal, plus you can join private cabins where you and eleven other Nano-ers can root each other on.


My Camp Nano Goal: To complete an outline for the first book of my Gatlon (superheroes) trilogy, knock out a bunch of early research, and compile character and setting sketches for all three books.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you might be thinking… ummmm, didn’t you already write the first book of the Heroes trilogy…?


To which I would say: Hush up, you stalker!


(Just kidding.)


I would actually say: Yes, indeed! I wrote a draft of this book during NaNoWriMo 2014 (holy cow, where does the time go?) – but then I got caught up in finishing Winter, Stars Above, Heartless, and two graphic novel scripts, and when I went back to review the draft I wrote all those months ago… I was supremely dissatisfied.


Which is neither uncommon nor unexpected. In fact, this has happened with the first draft of just about every book I’ve written, and I’m beginning to realize it just might be the way my brain functions. At least I know I’m not alone, given how many writers talk about scrapping their first drafts and starting from scratch on a regular basis!


I never think of these first drafts as wasted, though. For me, that first non-draft has to happen before you can move on to the first real draft. It’s like, your brain is cluttered with all the boring, cliché, and expected ideas and you need to scrape off that layer of drivel before you can get to the goldmine underneath.


And now it’s time to roll up my sleeves, grab my shovel, and start digging up the real story.


Huh… that’s actually not a bad analogy.


Anyway, so I’m back at square one, but I’m also excited to dive back into this world and start molding it into the awesome trilogy I believe it can be.


Wish me luck this month! Or better yet, wish me plenty of inspired, lightning-bolt ideas…


Are you doing Camp Nano this month? Feel free to post about your April goal or root each other on in the comments. And though I already have a cabin, feel free to use this blog post to seek out Lunartic cabin mates for yourself! 






  1. Allen Ng commented on:

    Ooh! I can’t wait to see the superheroes. I also should join Camp NaNo

  2. Katrina commented on:

    I was going to do NaNoWriMo this past November, but then midterms happened and it fell through… but I’ve totally decided to do it this next November!!
    As far as first drafts go, I’ve just scrapped the first few chapters of a project I’ve been trying to start for years. Time to start over again! That said, the notebook I’ve been using is already more than half full of “draft zero”s that never got past chapter three… But that’s what these drafts are for, I guess!

    I wish you all the inspiration in the world! I look forward to reading your new trilogy in the future!

  3. Ashley G. commented on:

    This sounds super exciting! I hope writing goes well!

  4. Gwen @ The Book Lounge commented on:

    Last November I skipped doing NanoWriMo for another year. I’ve never participated but I finally had a concrete story in my head that could go one or two directions. So in November, I started with the very basics and started writing. The story is more in my head still than down on paper or typed away in a secure file location. Now here we are in April and I thought what the heck it’s time to get this thing at least typed up or what I have of it so far. Now I am stuck and need to do some free writing and some more brainstorming. I don’t know how much I’ll get written but I think a good brainstorming session in on the agenda for today.

    Good luck in your writing goals. Also thanks for being so inspiring!

  5. Aimee commented on:

    I’ve yet to win the official Nano, but I’ve won Camp twice, once for 50,000 words. I’m skipping it this year because I want to take my time for Draft 3 of my WIP (which is also about superheroes!) Good luck to everyone participating!!! I can’t wait for Gatlon!

  6. CAKE commented on:

    CAN”T WAIT FOR NERVES AND WIRES. . .is that what the comic is called????
    XD XD XD

  7. Kolleen King commented on:

    Hi! I’m a big fan! You should totally do a meet and greet because I’m a huge fan of your books and I would love to meet you!

  8. Lissie commented on:

    So glad I heard about this! I’m a young middle-school aspiring author, and am hoping to learn and grow in my writing. This is a great opportunity! Thanks, Marissa Meyer!!!!

  9. Kennedy commented on:

    Did you know that today is Kai’s birthday?

  10. Debbie commented on:

    I am a big fan who just discovered your entire Lunar Chronicles series. It’s like someone put together all my fantasies and created the perfect dystopian/sci-fi/fairytale retelling/romance story and executed it even more amazingly. I love your writing style and I absolutely adore how all your plot points converge with little clues thrown along the way in each book ( I suppose it’s probably because you know exactly how it should all go with a very structured outline and which I’ve never managed even while daydreaming them)

  11. Raya Conway commented on:

    I didn’t know Camp Nanowrimo started this month so I plan on starting in May and my goal is to finally start on the first draft of a book that’s been brewing in my mind for months now but I’ve been to afarid that it will come out bad and also I’m such a procrastinator! Hopefully I actually follow through this time! Do you have any advice on how to get through a first draft this is the first time I’m writing a book seriously.

  12. Petra commented on:

    Marissa hi. I always wanted to know if Levana was really mad and what she looks like without her glamour. In the books id only specified her scars and brown hair. But what about her eyes and skin? And between Levana and Channary who was more powerful? If both of them where alive of course.

  13. vex 3 commented on:

    A lot of information is mentioned in your share, I appreciate your work. Please continue with more interesting articles.

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