Announcing the Cinder Litographs Design Contest!!

Posted on: 12th Nov 2015  /   Categorized: Cinder

I know, I know, we’re all still super buzzed about the WINTER release (I hope you’re all loving it!), and now I have yet more fantastic news!


Over the last four years, I’ve hosted a number of design contests and Lunar Chronicles fans have blown my mind time and again. You’ve made bookmarks, stickers, the official seal of Luna, flags for the six Earthen nations, and you’ve even carved amazing Cinder pumpkins!


See the previous contest entries on Pinterest here.


And now I am SO THRILLED to announce our most exciting contest yet!








Litographs is a company that makes art from books. Their designs are inspired by the stories themselves, then they stream the book’s text in place of the original pixels, so that the image is composed of the text itself. The result is a work of art you can actually read, and they are stunning.


That art is then printed onto T-shirts, posters, and tote bags for readers and book lovers to enjoy! 


Check out to see examples of their work.


And now I’m working with them on an original line of merchandise inspired by Cinder, and you—yes, YOU, Lunartics—are going to help us come up with a Cinder-inspired design that will be turned into a line of Litographs products, including T-shirts, tote bags, and posters!



YOUR MISSION: Create a design to be used as the base for the original Cinder Litographs line of merchandise.




– The winning design will be used as the main art for the release of Cinder T-shirts, tote bags, and posters.

– Your design should be inspired by Cinder and/or speak to a key theme, or plot point, in the book. In other words, we want to be able to recall the book from your design. Note that your design should be Cinder specific, not general Lunar Chronicles. (I definitely recommend checking out their other literary lines for ideas and inspiration!)

– Your design should include graphics only. No text please (as the background will consist entirely of text!).

— Please do not use copyrighted images. All artwork should be your own creation.

– Open internationally. (HOORAY! Cheers and Fireworks!)

—Your design must fit the size and style qualifications as in the style guide below. That said, please do be creative!






– Please submit only one design. If you submit more than one design, unfortunately your work will be disqualified.

– Share your design on any social media of your choosing and (optional) tell everyone how excited you are about seeing Cinder represented on some awesome Litographs merchandise!

– Once your design is finished, USE THIS TYPEFORM to submit your design and contact information. Your design will later be posted to my Pinterest page.

– Important: By submitting an entry to this contest you grant rights to use this design in forthcoming merchandise, and in display and promotional materials. Please read the terms of service within the typeform for more information.

– All entries must be received no later than midnight PST on Friday, November 27, 2015.



 Once all entries have been uploaded to my Pinterest page, Litographs and I will select the seven finalist (Likes and Repins from fans will be taken into account). Those seven finalists will be posted on this blog and fans and readers will be able to vote for the grand prize winner!


6 FINALISTS will each receive a $50 Litographs gift card. This can be redeemed for posters, T-shirts, tote bags, laptop decals, temporary tattoos, and other great literary goodies, including those soon-to-be available for Cinder! Plus, a signed copy of either Cinder or Winter!


ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a $500 cash prize from Litographs, a signed set of all 5 Lunar Chronicles titles, and have his or her design featured on Litographs’ Cinder T-shirts, tote bags, and posters to be available at and indie bookstores around the country!!!



I am so, so, so excited to see what you all come up with, and cannot wait to have my own Cinder Litographs tote bag!!!


Happy designing, and GOOD LUCK!


  1. Marie commented on:

    I am super excited 😀

  2. Myrte commented on:

    I’m so happy that I can join this contest (because I’m from Belgium) . Let’s get to work !

  3. EVELIN commented on:

    Omg! ima try making the design now

  4. Lexi commented on:

    I really need to work on my skills at drawing. I don’t really have an idea yet, but if it has humans I’m going to fail so badly. I can draw birds, dogs, cats, fish, waterfalls, realistic or cartoonish, but not humans! *getting super frustrated*

  5. Kate commented on:

    AAH!! I just got so hyped!! I was so sad I wasn’t able to do the bookmark contest… I’m going to start working on this NOW!! I’m wondering though… how detailed can the design be?

  6. victoria commented on:

    Marissa Meyer wil you be returning to Texas ant time soon plz respond

  7. Jo commented on:

    If we use non electronic materials do we take a picture and submit it?

  8. Tanvi commented on:

    Are the designs supposed to be only for Cinder or can they have aspects of the entire lunar chronicles?

  9. Kate commented on:

    Tanvi, it says in the guidelines, “Note that your design should be Cinder specific, not general Lunar Chronicles”
    Although I kind of wish it could be Lunar Chronicles in general…

  10. Your Name commented on:

    You can guess who will be the first person to buy the design on! This girl!!! “imagines self wearing shirt in public walking proudly”

  11. Nina B commented on:

    Certain hashtag we should use?

  12. Kate commented on:

    Can anyone help me out a bit? I’m not really sure what 24”x36” means. Is that standard American paper size?
    Also, does anyone know who exactly we should email if we have questions?

  13. Kat commented on:

    To Kate: 24″ x 36″ means 24 inches by 36 inches, so yes! You might want to convert it. And in the Litographs Contest guidelines, it just says to email “them” if you have questions, so I would look at their website for their email address?

  14. Kate commented on:

    To Kat:
    Thanks! But convert it… to what? What do you mean? And does “them” mean Marissa Meyer, or the Lithographs website?

  15. Morgam commented on:

    when it says by midnight on the 27th does that mean by 11:59 on thursday or by 11:59 on friday???

  16. JoBeth commented on:

    When will the final items be available for purchase?

  17. Van commented on:

    I’m so sad! I missed the deadline because I found out about it today 🙁

  18. Kasey commented on:

    When will the entries be posted? I am so excited to see them!

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