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Cover Reveal: A Tyranny of Petticoats Anthology

Posted on by Marissa

An anthology of historical YA short stories (in which I am a contributor) comes out next March, and they just released the gorgeous cover! It was revealed on USAToday’s HEA blog this morning, and it is stunning.   CLICK HERE:  A Tyranny of Petticoats: 15 … Continue reading


The Top 10 Books / Series I Read in 2014

Posted on by Marissa

Yesterday I posted my complete reading list from last year. Of all 100 titles, here are the books and series that stand out the most in my memory as truly exceptional reads.       TOP 10 BOOKS / SERIES … Continue reading


My Complete 2014 Reading List and Statistics

Posted on by Marissa

My goal for 2014 had been to read 100 books and I was going strong all year long. I finished Book #98 on Saturday, Dec. 20, so I was very confident. 100 books was totally in the bag!   And … Continue reading


Quarterly Reading List: Third Quarter, 2014

Posted on by Marissa

I fell slightly behind my 100-books-in-2014 goal during this last quarter, BUT we’re still looking good! Plus there’s a lot of travel happening this month so I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it up.   Many of the books … Continue reading


Quarterly Reading List: March-June 2014

Posted on by Marissa

I’m back from my (sort-of) blog hiatus! I’ll be easing back into the blogging scene with posts once or twice weekly, and I’m planning an update post in the near future to let you all know what exciting things I’ve … Continue reading


And the Total Readathon Donation comes to . . .

Posted on by Marissa

Huge thanks to Felicia from The Geeky Blogger for inspiring me not only to join the Readathon last weekend but also to read for charity for the first time. I think this is a brilliant idea and I’ll definitely continue … Continue reading


Readathon Progress

Posted on by Marissa

Good morning and welcome to the 24-Hour Readathon!   I’ll be balancing my reading time while also taking part in a massive community garage sale, so… there might not be a whole lot of reading the first part of this … Continue reading


24 Hours of Reading… for Charity!

Posted on by Marissa

I interrupt this self-imposed blog hiatus to announce a really cool reading challenge, and your chance to spread some good cheer while burning through your TBR list!   WHAT: The Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon THE CHALLENGE: Read for 24 hours. … Continue reading


First Quarter Reading List, 2014

Posted on by Marissa

You know how sometimes you hit a reading lull, where no book that you pick up manages to hold your interest and everything you read feels just…. BLAH. But then, other times, you find yourself on a reading streak, falling … Continue reading



Posted on by Marissa

Join the mission to #SaveCress and enter the Lunar Chronicles sweepstakes! By some technological magic, every like, share, tweet, tumble, and download is currently being monitored and tracked (by satellite-imprisoned hackers, perhaps?) – and every time we reach a benchmark, … Continue reading


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