The Winter Book Tour & Fanfiction Contest

Posted on: 10th Aug 2015  /   Categorized: Events

Winter comes out in THREE MONTHS, which means big things are happening in the Lunar Chronicles book-launch-machine.


First—the tour dates and cities have been announced!



Times and final details to be announced.

Some events may be ticketed. Please check with your hosting bookstore.


Can’t wait! I hope to see many of you during the tour!




Second, my publisher is hosting a Lunar Chronicles Fanfiction Contest. (Because they’re cool like that.)



This is extra special for me because I got my own start writing fanfiction (Moon Prism Power!), so knowing that there is fanfic of my world and characters is just about the biggest compliment I can imagine.


The Prompt: Write a character from an original Grimm’s Fairy Tale into the world of the Lunar Chronicles. This character must not already appear in the Lunar Chronicles. In your story, this character should in some way encounter one of the main characters of the Lunar Chronicles books by Marissa Meyer. The story can take place at any time between the time periods of Fairest and Cress by Marissa Meyer.


Deadline: September 30


And the Grand Prize: A trip to the Winter Launch Party in Tacoma, WA!


More details and the submission form can be found at


Happy writing, Lunartics. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!




Lastly, if you haven’t joined the resistance yet, you’re missing out on some cool stuff, including a new sneak peek of Winter that was delivered to inboxes last week…




Three more months, three more months, three more months…


  1. OK commented on:

    I’m thrilled that there’s a fanfiction contest – but does this mean we can’t enter (as in, submit fanfiction) if we live outside of the United States?

  2. Cate commented on:

    ohh I’m so excited I already have ideas. How would we submit out fanfiction and what site should we use?

  3. Xavier-Nicole commented on:

    This is so exciting-too bad I don’t live in the United States.

  4. Lily commented on:

    I would do the join the resistance thing, but I’m not allowed to have a twitter account. I might enter the fanfic contest though.

  5. Lily commented on:

    okay so i clicked on it and realized I don’t need a twitter account. (This is my dad’s email because im not allowed to have one} now im signed up!

  6. Bea commented on:

    Do we have to be a certain age to enter?

  7. Xavier-Nicole commented on:

    You have to be 13 years old and above.

  8. Erin commented on:

    2000 words is not enough =(. This is going to be tough.

  9. Elle commented on:

    Is it only ONE (1) entry per person? Or are we allowed to have multiple entries??

  10. Portia commented on:

    For all you that haven’t yet read through the fanfiction contest official rules ( ) I made a list of some of the most important things:

    – Must be older than 13 to enter, and anyone under the age of majority has to bring an guardian/adult with them if they win the Grand Prize.
    – Must be a legal citizen of either the US or Canada (some exceptions with Quebec)
    – Story must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words (the reason it’s so short is they have to read + judge all these!)
    – Submit + read other entries here:
    – Italics don’t seem to work when submitting? Just keep that in mind.
    – Takes place any time between Fairest and Cress
    – Can’t be published publicly (including Tumblr, dA,, etc.)
    Okay, that’s more than I intended. I do suggest reading through all the rules before entering, but this is the gist of it!

  11. Hazel commented on:

    Is there any exception to the age limit? I happen to be a 12 year old, and a big fan who would like to participate but am unable due to the age restriction under Terms & Conditions in the contest. If this rule can be tweaked I would be very grateful. Thanks!

  12. Jane commented on:

    I entered the fanfiction contest and already submitted my entry, but I realized that I want to edit it more. Is there any way I could take back that entry and re enter another one?

  13. Elle commented on:

    Just to clarify what Portia over there commented; you don’t have to be a legal CITIZEN, just a legal RESIDENT. Yes, there is a difference. =)

  14. Lily commented on:

    Hi Marissa Meyer! So erI was writing fanfiction the other day, and I was wondering: What is Cress’s mother’s name?

  15. Lily commented on:

    Hi Marissa Meyer! So I was writing fanfiction the other day, and I was wondering: What is Cress’s mother’s name?

  16. Anna commented on:

    This is so great! Thank you! Does the story have to be a Grimms story or can it be something by Hans Christion Anderson or something like Alice in Wonderland? Thank you again!

  17. Emma commented on:

    I agree that it would be awesome if twelve year olds could participate in the contest. I have an idea for a fanfiction that I want to use for the contest, but I can’t because I’m twelve.

  18. Lily commented on:

    I agree with Emma and Hazel because I’m not 13 either.

  19. elizabeth commented on:

    Hi i am such a big fan i bought all of the books i can this year and i read them all the first time within 5-8 days somewhere in there than i just reread them again read all of them in 4 days i cant wait to read winter wish it came out sooner i already pre-ordered it cant wait till it comes but i would just like to say for the tour i really wished you would come to Canada like Edmonton because i love your books i got them when me and my family drove to america and i was so happy when i found out there is another one the only thing is that it comes out in December but least i will have something to do during the Christmas holidays

  20. PKSSJ commented on:

    For the record, this is the

    1) OMK Marissa Meyer’s coming to Raleigh. I’m gonna be lining up tomorrow. OMK I’m so happy I can’t breathe.

    2) Fanfic contest? It’s like she read my mind.

    3) Another quote to add to my ever-growing collection (it’s like 10 gigabytes now)

    *fangirl screaming and pillow crushing*

  21. Tricia commented on:

    About this contest. I’m not 13 yet, but I will be 13 by the time the entries are due. so should I just wait until I turn 13 to submit my entry?

  22. Grace commented on:

    So question: my story idea is vaguely based off sleeping beauty. Would low-key references count? Like going straight to “pretty girl asleep and awoken by true loves kiss” and skipping the “jealous evil witch shows up at child’s birth and curses them forever”

  23. Anigirl commented on:

    Marissa and her wonderful publishers-
    I am not and will not be thirteen by the time the entries are due. However, my mom read the terms and conditions and said I should write you about it. I would love it if you’d at least read my story via link…..……I worked really hard on it and hope that if you read it, you enjoy.
    P.S. Are you hosting the TLC Ship Weeks again?

  24. Anigirl commented on:

    Actually, I just realized that that link doesn’t work……Please follow this link instead:)

  25. Gabrielle commented on:

    O.M.G. O.M.G O.M.G

    Everyone get ready to scream into a pillow this. is. not. a. drill.

    I cannot focus on my homework. BECAUSE LUNAR CHRONICLES FANFIC CONTEST IS A THING. Seriously. I know I’m posting this after the fact but come. on. Can you tell I’m still freaking out? Cause I’m still freaking out. From what I’ve read so far- I just can’t. Let me repeat that. I. Just. Can’t. My new mission is to read every single one of the entries. The ideas. I am so thoroughly impressed by the way people respond to a fanfic contest. Every one of the entries I just want to save and read over and over and over and over IS THERE A SAVE ALL BUTTON??? There is no shortage of amazing. You all rock & I just want to say that everybody’s a winner because we all get to read some of the most imaginative, creative, beautiful things from so many amazing people. Good luck to all. Everyone deserves this win.


  26. Esmaya commented on:

    Has anyone gotten emails yet? Because they said that they were supposed to post winners yesterday? And that they would be emailing potential winners? But idk because I haven’t gotten one, so either it’s not me or they haven’t sent any out, and there’s no announcement on the contest page or the blog posts. Am I missing something or has nothing happened?

  27. Tricia commented on:

    Esmaya- I was wondering the same thing!! It might be possible that they’re not publicly announcing the winner but maybe the winner has not been announced.

  28. Emma commented on:

    I love the lunar chronicles but the problem is I want it on my google docs because I want to read it so bad.
    The book what I want is winter.

  29. R commented on:

    Aww, I didn’t get to enter this. Maybe you can talk your publisher into hosting another fanfiction contest while wait for Wires and Nerve vol. 2 That would be awesome!

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