The Countdown to WINTER starts… NOW!

Posted on: 10th Nov 2014  /   Categorized: Fairest

One more year! ONE MORE YEAR!


We are officially 365 days away from the epic conclusion of the Lunar Chronicles hitting bookshelves and e-readers and finally being in your hands!



That’s right. #WinterISComing.



I know, I know, a whole year is still FOREVER away, but we’ve survived this long, and I think if we band together, we can make it. (As I embark on what is hopefully my final round of revisions, I will be doing my best to ensure that the book is worth the painfully long wait!)



In the meantime, we do have FAIREST to look forward to, which will be released in just under three months, on January 27. EEP. I’m so excited to show you another side of Queen Levana and also hint at the beginnings of some of our favorite Lunar Chronicles heroes and heroines . . . now in chibi-form. (Ha!)



My publisher is building up to some really awesome, exciting things to be released on December 1—hereafter known as #CyborgMonday.



Sneak teasers from Fairest AND Winter? Tour city announcements? Videos? A Q&A chat with yours truly? A super special awesome secret thing that I can’t talk about but that I’m really, really psyched for?



All of that and more! So mark your calendars and get ready to tweet, tumble, and share, because some of the goodies will require your help to unlock. (!!!)




fairest cyborg monday



In the meantime, we just announced a brand-new fanart contest! And get this: The Grand Prize Winner will be flown out to my hometown of Tacoma, WA, to join me for the FAIREST Launch Party on January 27! Ah, I love it so much. The launch parties are always a ton of fun, and you’ll of course be going home with signed books and other fun swag—including some goodies that may only be available at the launch party.



Fairest contest


Your Mission: Create a portrait of Queen Levana by answering the question: What do you think Queen Levana looks like?



See the full details here:



(I’m sorry to my international readers, but because this contest is being hosted by my US publisher, it is open to US and Canada citizens only.)



And my final announcement of the day—CRESS has made it into the Semi-Finals round of the 2014 GoodReads Choice Awards! Vote for your favorite reads of the year here:


gr choice


Thank you, readers and Lunartics. I’m looking forward to an action-packed 2015!


  1. Kara commented on:

    I love how fun you are. When I’m a published author (fingers crossed) I want to be just like you. 😉

  2. Lauren! commented on:

    Toadally (Yes, I meant to spell it like that) agree with Kara’s post! You are so awesome and I am so psyched for ALL OF THIS!

  3. Marissa commented on:

    *blush* Aw, thanks, guys! <3

  4. Your Name commented on:


  5. Tim commented on:

    Hi Marissa! Now, I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything, but was there in fact a specific reason why Winter was rescheduled to its current release date? It’s such a long wait and normally we could have read it in just a few more months, I believe.

  6. Adele commented on:

    Personally Fairest sounds AMAZING but I would rather winter come out first and Fairest follow… And oh great another awesome thing to look forward too… Cyborg Monday.. WINTER AND FAIREST SNEAK PEAKS? You are so cool! Sorry, if i didn’t know better I would think you were a teenager. 😉

  7. Ashton Brooke commented on:

    Ooh, I wish I could draw! I would just die if I won that contest! I guess I’ll just have to console myself with helping you win the Goodreads competition because, believe me, your series was by FAR the best thing I read this year (and I’m approaching 50 books in the last three months alone). Love you!

  8. Lucie commented on:

    For a second I was extremely excited, as my friend had sent me the link to the post and captioned it as “WINTER COMES OUT IN MARCH”. My, my. What a liar (and a meanie.) *sigh* Well, a year is better than two.

  9. Grace commented on:

    Eee! So excited! You’re amazing! Thanks for, ya know, existing.

  10. Savannah Hall commented on:

    Omg how am I supposed to wait that long?!? So many days…….. I’m counting the days hours and minutes till I can read. *sigh* So excited though for fairest! !Fairest sound amazing! Im really excited #cyborgmonday!
    Oh, yess. Thank you so much for the amazing books. Can’t wait for winter and Fairest and omg so excited for HEARTLESS!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Wonderland? Love it!

  11. Kat commented on:

    Yay, I’ve been hoping for another contest to happen since the Sticker contest! I have a question about the Fairest Fanart Contest. Is it supposed to be a portrait of Levana with, or without glamour?

  12. Denisa commented on:

    I was just wondering, for the contest, is it how Queen Levana looks WITHOUT her glamour or how she looks WITH her glamour? Or does it not matter?

    Anyway, I’m also very excited for both Fairest and Winter! Can’t wait for the release! Thanks so much for writing such a wonderful series! 🙂

  13. Juliana commented on:

    I cant wait for Fairest and Winter to be released! I got so obsessed with the Lunar Chronicles that I read all three that are published over 2 days. How am I suppose to wait a YEAR for Winter and a few MONTHS for Fairest! Your books are so much fun to read. At first I was disappointed that Cinder was going to have to share the spotlight and was worried I would never get to hear her thoughts, but I later found myself looking forward to scarlet’s part in the story which was a pleasant surprise.Your an astonishing, fascinating, mind entrancing writer and I’m not just sweet talking you so that you might pick my drawing, but I definitely would not object to you picking me! Thank you for writing such a great series!

    p.s. when you do the drawing of Queen Levana is it with her glamour or how she looks without her glamour? Or does it not matter?

  14. jada commented on:

    hey, marrisa. just wanted to say how much i love these series. quick questions:
    – is wolf and scarlet gonna reunite?
    – how many pages does this book has?
    – why did you choose to do fairest first

    – please answer ( i will die happy if i know
    a impatient and adoring fan

  15. Your Name commented on:

    I can not wait for Winter and Fairest, though I’m more excited for the latter! I’ve always had a soft spot for the villains, sort of like how a love-hate relationship would go. Anywho, I’m counting on you to deliver like you always do, and I have no doubt in my mind both books are going to be FABULOUS!

  16. Milo commented on:

    Honestly im starting to hate the fact that I live in Fiji and just finding out about this awesome books now -_-! I read all three books this month and I dont regret a single painstaking second I spent on them #blessed 🙂

  17. Mickie commented on:

    Ugh! A year!!!!!! R u kidding me? I so would have waited to read these.

  18. Melanie Brown commented on:

    I have one thing to say……YOUR MY FAVORITE AUTHOR!!!!
    Omg, i got Cinder on my 12 birthday, and I’m turning 13 in at least two weeks, and i’v read all three of the books. I’m dying for Winter. I want to find out if Thorn gets his eyesight back, or if Scarlet gets to be in Wolf’s arms once more. It was so sad when Wolf woke up, and the first thing he asked was where Scarlet was. So ROMANTIC!! Out of all the characters, my favorite has to be Caption Thorn, how he’s so confident in himself, and how awkward he can get. You totally described my dream guy!!!! I love you so much Mrs.Meyer, i’m literally crying as i’m writing these words. Thank you for writing the best series i have ever read.

  19. Rani commented on:

    As a 31 year old, I loved the first three books. Can’t wait for Winter.

  20. Holly Wood commented on:

    Hi Marissa,

    I don’t know why but I always kept putting off with reading Cinder for being scared that I wouldn’t like it. Well I do not know why I was so worried because I absolutely have fallen in love with the lunar chronicles and cannot get enough of your writing. Once I picked up Cinder I read all three books in less than five days, going to bed in early hours of the morning, unable to stop my eyes from taking in new chapters. I have joined in on counting down, with the date set into my calendar unable to stop my excitement for wanting to get my hands on Winter. I’m suprising myself saying this but I don’t even know what I like better anymore: Cinder or The Hunger Games. Which for me to say is absolutely crazy!!!
    I’d just like to say that you have now gained another life long fan of the lunar chronicles and any other future pieces you may create. 🙂

  21. Madalynn commented on:

    Hi, I’m Maddy, 11 years old and I love your books, their like the best book series ever written!! In short I just want to say that me and my book worm buddie can’t wait for your next book!

  22. Gabriella commented on:

    A full entire long year?! Do you understand the agony I will be in? Fairest better last me a year or I will be DOOMED. I am afraid I extremely spoiled withe your books and I am now unable to teas anything else.

  23. Leah commented on:

    Marissa, I love you, I read your books so much and can’t wait for Winter!!! You are my hero!!!!

  24. Sammy commented on:

    I am sooo excited for Winter. The best part is that it’s coming out on my birthday! Can’t wait!

  25. Annabelle commented on:

    I cant wait for WINTER

  26. Hannah Sheets commented on:

    I’m obsessed with the series! I can’t wait for Winter to come out because the books have got me hooked! Please let this year go by really fast so I can have the book!!!

  27. Sophie commented on:

    I wish I could come up with a story as good as you Marrisa I’ve always dreamed of being a writer and hopeful i can be one some day this is a great series and maybe I can make a good series one day too!

  28. Lizy commented on:

    I can’t wait for Winter! I bet it will be better than the others!

  29. Olivia commented on:

    Omg! I can’t wait until winter comes out! I am still on Cress but it won’t last me until December first! It is one of my favorite series and I have read a lot a LOT of books in my eleven years of life.

  30. narwhalover commented on:

    this is awesome

  31. Your Name commented on:

    I cant wait for Winter!! I read all of the series a gain and it only took me a week to finish all of them. i am soooo excited for the last book!

  32. Mackenzee Rice commented on:

    Im so stoked… and anxious for WINTER to be relesed! I literally just finish cress like two minutes ago and the agonizing wait for the next book begins! I love how you end the books on like a cliff hanger type deal, its awesome! You have inspired me to write a story of my own, I have tried to accomplish with a partner writer but we never seem to be able to be at the same place long enough and don’t ever get each others info to at least attempt to get a middle part of the book; we always get to at least the “second chapter” of it but nowI’ve decided to go about it on my own… 🙂 if you have any advise that you could pass on to me it will be greatly appreiciated, and I can be reached by email and that is And a tid bit of info I realised resently that im not that far away from you either, I live in the edmons/mountlake terrace area; and who knows we may have crossed paths at some piont. Thanks for being awesome! 😀 And I’m sure it pays off! 😀

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