Temporary Blog Hiatus (and a Call for Questions)

Posted on: 14th Apr 2014  /   Categorized: Real Life

I’ve been attempting to drum up my enthusiasm to return to blogging ever since the Cress launch, but I feel my energy slipping more and more each week, as I try to balance Winter and Heartless and a brand new series (!) plus a couple other secret projects (!!), PLUS my husband and I working through the process of adopting our first child and building a writing studio and all sorts of fun and wonderful and exciting things.

Sadly, something had to go, and social networking / blogging seems to have become that thing. So I’ve decided to make it official.


This post marks the start of a TEMPORARY blogging hiatus. I plan to be back in July, with lots of fresh ideas!


In the meantime…

Please use the comment section of this post to let me know what topics YOU would like to see covered in the future.

Writing tips? Things you’d like to know about the Lunar Chronicles? Thoughts on the daily life of a writer? Promotion and publicity? More giveaways and contests? Be specific!


Thanks so much for understanding, and know that while I may be quiet on here, all that energy is going toward new projects coming soon to a bookstore near you!


  1. Aimee commented on:

    !!! Have fun writing! And best of luck in the adoption process 😀

    Hmm, I definitely love seeing behind-the-scenes info on The Lunar Chronicles, writing tips, etc. And of course some info on any new projects eventually…hahaha.

  2. Allison commented on:

    Even though it would be long passed the SAT and AP English exams, I just want to know if you ever took any before. Was it difficult or easy? Did reading and writing fanfics help out a lot? Did your English teacher ever gave you a bad grade on a essay and how did you feel? I don’t remember if you mention it before but had you ever read any books by Jane Austen? Sorry for the personal questions but I’m just really curious. Thanks anyway!

    Are there going to be more giveaways and contests?

    I wish you the best of lucks with your busy life.

  3. Liza commented on:

    When you return, I would love it if you continued posting writing tips at least occasionally. The posts showing your hard work inspired me to start writing because I could see how a good idea goes through multiple drafts & edits before it’s a book. You mean authors don’t put everything down in perfection on the first try?? Ohhh! *starts outlining and signs up for NaNoWriMo*
    Good luck with everything you have on your plate!

  4. Maggie commented on:

    In the last book, will Wolf see his parents again? Because I think it would be cool to see what would happen between Wolf and his parents, especially because he killed Ran. Thanks!

  5. Laura commented on:

    YES!! Please let wolf see his parents, or at least find out about them. I can’t wait for Winter!! I am so excited for an insane heroine! At first I thought I was going to like her, but then I found out she was somewhat unhinged, and I loved that!

  6. Kay commented on:

    The other 4 commenters have left good ideas. I would also be interested in knowing the significance of the color red in the Lunar Chronicles, as it appears on all the covers in some form. For Scarlet, the connection is obvious, but it appears to be a running theme/subtext of some kind, at least in cover imagery (Which have all been gorgeous, by the way.)

    Best of luck with all your VERY ambitious endeavors for this year! As they say, “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!”

  7. Nica commented on:

    I’d love to know the top ten (or whatever number you’d like) backstory/world building things about the Lunar Chronicles world you thought of and loved but never got into the books.

  8. memyselfandbooks commented on:

    I was wondering if you could re-release the Black Folder for Winter after its released? That way you could give us more awesome inside info without the fear that some of us would zoom in (like me…).

    Good luck on your multiple projects and adoption!!!

  9. Ro commented on:

    I was at the YA Panel this past weekend for the LA Festival of Books and you knocked it out of the park! You were articulate, realistic and really funny with your answers – thank you for coming out!

    I don’t have any questions, I think the commenters above have great ones – especially about releasing more Winter things when the release gets closer (or you know, months earlier if you’re so inclined!).

    Best of luck with your adoption – your kids are going to be so lucky to be part of such an imaginative family.

  10. Joelene commented on:

    I would love to know more about all the other projects that you’re working on! It’d be awesome if you could give us a bit of the scoop on the Queen Levana novella, Winter, Heartless, your new series, and the adoption process. I can’t get enough of your work!!!

  11. Ellie commented on:

    It’s a pity that you’ll be taking a break from blogging, but I’m excited for your new projects! As for blogs, I would certainly love a whole collection of writing tips and more about your “secret projects.”

  12. Christine commented on:

    Oh no, I’ll miss you!
    But I understand why you’re doing this, it sounds like you have a lot of stuff going on…
    And I’m super excited for Winter and Heartless and the new series and other projects!!!

  13. adele commented on:

    NO! But I would totally want LOTTTTTTTTTTS more writing tips! A ton!

  14. Mary commented on:

    How do you write (specifically romance) when you really, really don’t want to? (I know everyone asks this, but other writer’s block tips haven’t really done the trick) 🙂
    See you in the summer, then!

  15. Mark Murata commented on:

    Folk stories have a lot of rabbit trails going to and fro. If you were to revisit your Lunar Chronicles series, or allow others to write in it as a franchise, what are some folklore elements you would like to explore?

  16. Natalia commented on:

    I loved your books, at least Cinder and Scarlet, which are the ones I have read. They are wonderfull!
    I just wanted to know if you know something about when will be Cress released in Spanish, because I’ve been waiting since I finished Scarlet and I can’t wait more!
    Thank you very much for your fantastic series.

  17. Triona Dolan commented on:

    Hi Marissa,

    I just want to wish you the very best of luck in your endeavours. I love your blog and your books. I live in Ireland but I’m going to BEA Book Con this year (my wonderful husband organised our honeymoon around it). I’m still hoping that you might be there as I’d love to see you in person! I especially wish you luck with your adoption! It’s such an exciting time in your life. Enjoy every minute of it!

    I agree with the other comments above. I’d love to see pics of your writing studio when it’s finished! I remember seeing a door for it on your blog a while back and it looked so cute! 🙂 Meagan Spooner has a wonderful blog called ‘The Write Space’ which shows where writer’s read, revise and draft – I’m not sure if you’ve been on that before… Best of luck with everything again.

  18. Liz DeJesus commented on:

    That’s awesome! I hope everything goes smoothly with the adoption process. 😀 And yey! More books by you. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

    Personally I’d love to learn more about promotions and publicity in your future blog posts. And definitely, writing tips. 🙂

    *hugs* Happy writing!!

  19. Ness commented on:

    Tell us about your inspirations – Are there any authors you really admire, and what kind of stories do they tell? How do you set about getting your ideas down on paper?

  20. Anna commented on:

    I’d love some writing tips.
    Also… a question about the Lunar Chronicles: Did Levana have Emperor Rikan purposefully infected with letumosis as part of her plan to rule Earth? (Because would she really leave it up to chance when Kai became Emperor (it might have been a while) and she probably needed him in charge to be able to force him into marrying her…)

  21. Miriam commented on:

    Hey, I’m part of the way through Cress and *loving it so much*. I love how varied your characters are – no two are the same and I think that that’s really something! I know that writers put a bit of themselves into each character but I was wondering – which character do you think you’re *most* like?

    I really love The Lunar Chronicles, I think they’re so creative and smart and I love how you are so true to the original fairytales but you’re so clever with the way you do it! Thank you so much for writing them 🙂

    -Miriam x

  22. Helen commented on:

    I really really want to be a writer, but I am only a preteen and I don’t know how to get it published. I am also afraid that since I’m just a kid, nobody will think a preteen book is worth publishing!

  23. Audrey commented on:

    Have you ever thought about turning The Lunar Chronicles into a manga series? I think it would be very interesting.

    And also, how do you get a hold of an editor? And do you have any tips for self-publishing?

  24. Meagan commented on:

    I agree with Audrey above, a manga series would be amazing!

    The giveaways are always fun and and I do love all the writing tips. I think it would be great though if you would share things that never made it into the Lunar Chronicles. Like name changes, plots, etc that either didn’t fit or the story went in a different direction. I’d love to be able to compare the difference and be able to toy with the unused ideas for fanfiction and drawing!

  25. Haley Aaryn commented on:

    What country are you planning on adopting from?

  26. Marissa commented on:

    Hi Haley, we’re adopting locally from Washington State.

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