Some of the Most Heartwarming TLC Art I’ve Ever Seen

Posted on: 16th Feb 2016  /   Categorized: fanart

Oh my stars. Have you guys seen these????

Now, I have received a lot of amazing fanart over the years and every piece has made me smile or swoon, and sometimes even made me laugh.

But last week, during the Stars Above tour, I received a booklet containing two short TLC comics that made me smile, and then awww, and then… cry. Truly. That was a first.  These two graphic stories are so incredibly touching (and cleverly done!) that I simply had to share them here.

Thanks to Sorcaron for bringing them to my attention and printing my own keepsake book to cherish, and to both Sorcaron/mf-islands and Ana-Dante for creating such heartfelt mini-tales.



Superheroes by Ana-Dante




Stories by Sorcaron and Ana-Dante



Click through to read the entire comics. And enjoy! 


  1. Helen commented on:

    These are adorable! Plus, Stars Above was an amazing collection of amazing stories!

  2. Hillary commented on:

    Ditto. These are awesome and I cried too at that first one.

  3. Dita commented on:

    Oh my, that first one really is tear-inducing.
    Hahaa. And in the second one, where there’s the story wedding, I really love that really happy blue-haired girl in a pink dress in the crowd. That made me giggle.

  4. Leslie commented on:

    Aw! They’re so cute!!! <3

  5. Carly @ Books and Etc. commented on:

    Oh stars… I’ve seen these around and I have a feels attack every single time. I love both of these artists so, so much.

  6. Michelle commented on:

    Love. Love. Love.

  7. Your Name commented on:

    Have you heard about J.K. Rowling’s Cursed Child play script? I am really, really excited! Wanted you to know about it.

  8. Ginnifer commented on:

    I really enjoy the fanart that you’ve included in the back of your book, the Valentine’s, and now here. All are very talented and I fangirl over their work. I do wish, however, that you would include more than just a few artists. There are some really talented artists, especially on tumblr or pinterest, that might not be as well known, but if you spend even justa few minutes on the tumblr tags for The Lunar Chronicles or pinterest you’ll see them. Or even just browse through TLC Ship Weeks. It is a little disappointing to see that the same people always get selected. I’m not saying that their art isn’t great – it is! Just some feedback.

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