Prepare Yourself – #CyborgMonday is Coming!

Posted on: 26th Nov 2013  /   Categorized: Cress

To many, the Monday following Thanksgiving (aka Cyber Monday) is a day for splurging on ModCloth and ThinkGeek merchandise.


For, you know… gifts. For other people. Generous folk that we are.




This year we invite you to join in not Cyber Monday….  but Cyborg Monday!


On December 2, we will be overloading the interwebs with all sorts of exclusive Cress goodies and Lunar Chronicles content! What kind of goodies and content, you ask?


Well, let’s see. There will be:


– The reveal of the CRESS book trailer!

– The first five chapters of CRESS available for download– absolutely free!

– An exclusive sneak peak at an upcoming Lunar Chronicles short story!

– A new CRESS teaser!

– The schedule for the CRESS book tour next February!

– The start of a community read-a-long for CINDER (join in with #ReadCinder)!


– A Twitter chat with yours truly (follow #CyborgMonday)!

- And more!


Just typing that out made me a little dizzy…


To be a part of the fun, follow @marissa_meyer and @FierceReads on Twitter, and become a fan at


I’ll also post a follow-up on this blog on Tuesday with links to all the great new content for you to enjoy.


And don’t forget to join in the Twitter chat and ask me all your questions! Monday, December 2, at 9pm EST / 6pm PST. Follow hashtag #CyborgMonday. I’ll see you then!


  1. Annie commented on:

    Wow, Marissa, that sounds awesome! Really cool! I’m already looking forward to it ;)

  2. Sarah commented on:

    So exciting! I can hardly wait! I don’t have twitter, but I’ll try to keep my eye on it anyway.

  3. adele commented on:

    you come up with awesome ideas! Lookin’ forward to cyborg monday. Great name by the way! It so rocks.

  4. adele commented on:

    HAPPY EARLY THANKSGIVING MARISSA! Wishing you a happy holiday. I was wondering, I don’t have a kindle so could or are the first five chapters of cress be able to download on my computer? Thanks! -adele

  5. adele commented on:

    Never mind! Just saw the website link to read the chapters online! Thanks, cress is awesome!

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