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Posted on: 11th Apr 2013  /   Categorized: Book Love

There was a time when I posted everything on this blog. Every piece of fanart, every new foreign cover, every bit of book news. But lately there’s become so much stuff happening all the time that I’ve had to pick and choose what to include here so this blog doesn’t get bogged down in a bunch of two-sentence news clips.

My intention is to keep this blog more specific to Big News, Giveaways, Writing Advice, and other stuff to do with the life of writing.

Which means that if you’re a fan who wants to know all about the Lunar Chronicles all the time! but you only follow this blog, you might be missing out on some really cool stuff!

Never fear. Here is my handy list of everywhere you can find out about me and my books—depending on what, exactly, you’re looking for.


For giveaways, general news round-ups, and me gushing over books and authors: My Quarterly Newsletter

For foreign edition covers, inspiration photos, guest blog posts, and general geeking out: Pinterest

For random news and event pictures: My Facebook Page

For important news from my publisher and general Lunar Chronicles love: The Lunar Chronicles Facebook Page

For author randomness and the occasional progress report: Twitter

For fanart: DeviantART Lunar Chronicles Group

For other fandomness: F-Yeah The Lunar Chronicles on Tumblr (Note: I’m not affiliated with this page, I just think it’s cool that it exists.)


That’s all I can think of. Now go forth with your fannish selves!


  1. Christmas Vargas commented on:

    PLEASE READ!!!! I’m a HUGE FAN of you and Cassandra Clare. You both have me dying for your next new book! either City of Heavenly Fire or Cress pop into my head when I’m reading a good book. Ok. Here it goes, you see I live In Delano California and I never get to buy books because there is no book stores here.Plus My family can’t afford to go to L.A to go to book signing or things like that so….. I thought that if you ever had time, That you could Please come To the Delano’s high schools and middle schools. Especially Almond Tree Middle School. yeah ok I’m in middle school,but I’m reading all the thick chapter books I could my hands on, which isn’t many plus, I read way above my grade level and read for fun and I AM A HUGE BOOKWORM!!! I LOVE your books and would apperciate it if you could come and visit. Plus, I’m going to keep at this untill you come. SO, HURRY and come and visit DELANO CALIFORNIA!!!! – Christmas ( yes Christmas is my real name) Natally Vargas*

  2. mikayla ramsey commented on:

    Hey i think your book is kinda boring but it happens! so yeah.. keep righting your doing a good job! :)) but i do really like scarlet but not cinder that just my opinion .. so keep up the good work!

  3. Mime commented on:

    I love this blog! I’ve subscribed to your newletter and follow you on pinterest (I also love pinterest.) 😉 And I love Cinder and Scarlet! I am a Lunartic, and I LOVE the term Lunartic! It’s so clever!

  4. Melanie Brown commented on:

    Mikayla Ramsey……………..These books are TERRIFIC!!!! dont know why you think their boring!!!

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