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Posted on: 3rd Sep 2013  /   Categorized: Cress

WOW, you guys. Every time I host one of these creativity contests, I feel certain that it can’t possibly be that hard to choose the finalists. And every time I am proven ridiculously incorrect.

There were a total of 186 entries in the Pinterest Board Contest.

After my initial perusal of them, I managed to narrow it down to 53 finalists. 53!

*falls over laughing*

But I did, after much, much contemplation, manage to get that number down to my Top 6. And it was not easy. Oh, how not-easy it was.

BUT! Before I get to the finalists and the voting, I want to first give an enormous round of applause to….


“Cinder Retelling Pinterest Style” by Natalie DePalma: Natalie gives a breakdown of the entire plot of Cinder (note: spoilers!), but makes it entirely her own with some of the quirkiest, most random images to illustrate the plot twists! I LOL’d more than once.

“Dr. Erland’s Portscreen” by Merili Roberts & “Peony’s Portscreen” by Margaret Ann Hazelton: I’m combining these two because they have similar themes – each one pins items you would find on the characters’ portscreens. Not only are the pins themselves true to character, but their descriptions are told from Dr. E’s and Peony’s own perspectives, and their personalities are captured perfectly!

“The Lunar Chronicles: Cress” by Alazia Hurte-Cannon: This board might win for the most original concept out of all 186 entries. Alazia has made a board of the Lunar Chronicles characters… but as if they were all ballerines. Super clever idea, and the pictures are gorgeous!

“Trapped in a Tower” by Erin Kelly: This board compiles everything that Cress would do to pass the time while she’s stuck in her satellite – from origami to crochet to fancy hairstyles. I adore the board both for its accuracy (Cress WOULD do these things!) and also because I want to try half the projects on here!

Well done, all of you!
Now then, on to the finalists!
In order to narrow down the entries, I considered each board on the following factors:

1. Originality of the board concept
2. Effort involved in compiling (or creating) the pins
3. How well organized and curated the board is
4. How well The Lunar Chronicles are represented
5. How well the board takes advantage of pin descriptions

The finalists all received high marks in at least four, if not all five, categories. Please take the time to peruse the boards yourself, and – down below – vote for the board you think deserves to be the grand prize winner!


“Cress” by Alyssa Hollingsworth
“If I were trying to brainstorm for CRESS, these are the pictures I’d use as inspiration (organized into character, setting, and other categories for your convenience).”

“Epidemics and Outbreaks” by Sarah Smith
“Based on the letumosis plague (a.k.a. Blue Fever) found in the Lunar Chronicles, this board shows a history of Earth’s diseases and plagues in years past.”

“LC by Me” by Abbi Whozit
“This board is made of things inspired by the books and made by me, hence the badly-rhyming name.”


“The Lunar Chronicles (Cress Contest)” by Cathryn Martyn-Dow Jensen
“My theme is LC-related typography. I love graphic design, and you’d be amazed what you can do with some radical fonts and maybe a cool picture or ten.”

“New Fashionistas of 126 T.E. High Fashion Heroines of the Lunar Chronicles” by Christina
“This is Fashion Chronicles NetBlog of High Fashion for our New Beijing Subscribers of all that is La Mode. Straight to Your Netscreens!! August 126 T.E. Topic: The Styles and Flair of the Young Women who have inspired a new generation of Fairy Tale Dreams.”

“Tour through the World of the Lunar Chronicles” by Metamorphose
“Welcome to the wondrous world of the Lunar Chronicles. My name is Iko, and I’ll be your virtual tour guide for the next *bzzzt* 37 minutes. Let’s get started!”


NOTE: Please do click through and read the board and pin descriptions before voting, as you can really only get a feel for the effort that went into the boards by viewing them in their entirety. Thank you!

Please vote for ONE finalist. You may only vote once.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday. The entrant with the most votes will win a signed ARC of CRESS.

Voting for this contest has ended. Congrats to the winners!




  1. Katherine commented on:

    Wow, so many amazingly creative entries! Good luck, finalists!

  2. Alazia commented on:

    I felt so honored to even be mentioned! *mega squeal* I wish the best of luck to the finalists! 😀 Tough competition and it was hard to choose just one.

  3. Sephora Bergiste (@ForestofWords) commented on:

    They’re all so very creative!!! Love them.~

  4. Aimee commented on:

    Welcome back! 🙂 And congratulations to all the finalists, they did such a wonderful job! This competition was so much fun. Good luck, everybody!

    (Also, I gotta say I’m quite happy to see the ballerina one get a mention-that was one of my personal favorites, haha.)

  5. Metamorphose commented on:

    Whaaaahhh! I can’t believe it! I’m in the top 6! <3
    Thank you so much! I danced around the room like a total idiot when I saw it. Haha.
    I hope the neighbours didn't see it. :') Anyway, the other boards are so creative. Ö
    Good luck to the other finalists. ;D

  6. Imani commented on:

    @Metamorphose! OMG! I was just checking out the finalists she chose and loved urs the most!! xD

    The honorable mentions were incredible too btw! O_O “Cinder Retelling Pinterest Style” by Natalie DePalma & “Peony’s Portscreen” by Margaret Ann Hazelton, & “Trapped in a Tower” by Erin Kelly. I loved them all. so creative. I mean I feel like they ADD to the series, believe it or not.

    that one by Margaret as Peony’s portscreen. I never even IMAGINED peony’s portscreen but b/c of her board I now totally see it.

  7. Lil Berry commented on:

    Love this contest I wish I would have known about it sooner so I could have followed the whole process!
    Best of luck to all the finalist

  8. An-Sofie commented on:

    Wow people, those are some amazing boards! I’m seriously impressed, and I hope the one who wins Cress has a fantastic reading ;)! x

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