Lunar Chronicles Short Stories & My GoodReads Interview

Posted on: 12th Dec 2013  /   Categorized: Geeking Out

I have a couple announcements for you on this fine, frosty December morning.


Announcement #1

Many of you have been asking where the prequel short stories, “Glitches” and “The Queen’s Army” disappeared to a few weeks ago. Not to fear! They are now posted again, totally free and  open to international readers!


"Glitches" by Goni Montes

“Glitches” art by Goni Montes

“Glitches”: In this prequel to Cinder, we see the results of the plague play out, and the emotional toll it takes on Cinder. Something that may, or may not, be a glitch….



“The Queen’s Army”: In this prequel to Scarlet, we’re introduced to the army Queen Levana is building, and one soldier in particular who will do anything to keep from becoming the monster they want him to be.


Read both prequels on my brand new WattPad page!

That link also includes the first five chapters of Cinder, Scarlet, AND Cress—so happy reading!



Announcement #2

I was interviewed for yesterday’s GoodReads YA Newsletter, where I talk Cress, the Lunar Chronicles, and even read a poem that I penned when I was sixteen.


Check out the six-minute video here!


(Confession: video interviews always kind of freak me out, but this one was so much fun, and in my opinion turned out really cute. Thanks to GoodReads for the awesome interviewer!!)


  1. Mya commented on:

    Dear Marissa Meyer,
    I am in love with your lunar series, I am currently reading “Scarlet” and spreading the word to my friends and family. I too love to write, if you have any tips for me, i would love to hear from you! Please e-mail me if you do have any tips. Thanks!

  2. Marissa commented on:

    Hi Mya, thank you for your comment! I often share writing tips on this blog – see the ‘writing tips’ tab on the sidebar. Or you may want to check out my FAQ page, I think I have some basic tips on there as well. Good luck with your writing and I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the Lunar Chronicles!

  3. memyselfandbooks commented on:

    Hello Marissa Meyer,
    I love your series, and am currently waiting for Cress (I MUST READ IT). I personally love how you wrote about the moon, and its history on this blog. The cool thing is that about a year ago, I found a video/article about how scientists used to think the moon formed. I don’t know if this theory has changed or not, but the video is still pretty cool. I thought you might like it because your books are about the moon and its inhabitants, after all.
    This is the link:
    Hope you like it!!

  4. Marissa commented on:

    That video was FASCINATING! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  5. Tanu commented on:

    Hi Marissa Meyer
    I really really love your series…like a lot (my friend tells me I’m obsessed). I’ve told all my friends about your books and I even made a fanart of Cinder on Instagram and tumblr. I can’t wait till Cress comes out (a couple days before my bday, I know what I want this time) I really wish there was a movie for cinder (I know you’ve sold movie rights *crosses fingers…and toes* I also had a question about the #readcinder contest I’m not sure if you’re the one I’m supposed to ask but I’ll ask anyway, I’ve posted two pics, so now what? Thanks!

  6. commented on:

    I admire the valuable data you provide in your articles or blog posts.
    Very interesting topic, thanks for posting.

  7. Light commented on:

    Dear Marissa, I love your book sooooo much, I am currently wait for Winter.I almost started crying when I heard it is going to release in 2015 🙁 please please write soon. Love your work. Light <3

  8. Your Name commented on:

    Are you doing a prequel to Cress?

  9. T commented on:

    Hi I really love the Lunar Chronicles and I’m wondering if you are going to make any other books or seires after the Lunar Chronicles

  10. CheshireElf commented on:

    These books are so amazing! I love science fiction and fantasy so this series was basically made for me. Cannot wait (seriously don’t know if I can) for Winter! PS. Love your writing tips, they are so useful!

  11. Arshiya Ahsan commented on:

    hey Marissa let me just tell you that there is no bigger fan of the lunar chronicles than me. I have been scavenging the web for days trying to find any information on a Cinder movie just because I cannot get enough of your books!!! Please Please let me know if there will be a Cinder movie. I need the hope! Also if there is could I go see it with you? jk- you don’t have too if you don’t want too but I’m totally cool either way. Thanks Love you and your books!!

  12. Nisse Rosholt commented on:

    Hi I’m am such a huge fan! I have read every single book over 10 times.And if there ever is a
    cinder/lunar chronicles movie,the people in it should actually read the book,and look like their characters, but I see all these dream cast colleges,and people need to realize cinder is not from the comenwelth,and scarlet is not chubby, and winter has 3 scars not 1, or 2.if you look up lunar chronicle characters you can come across some good dipicshions of the characters my personal favorite has Thorne cress cinder kai scarlet wolf Jasin and winter.

  13. Meghna Iyer commented on:

    Hi! You are my absolute hero. I aspire to write as well as you do one day, although I can only hope to reach at least half of what you are. I am an avid reader, and The Lunar Chronicles is my absolute favorite series. (And Heartless ripped my own heart to shreds. I don’t think I have ever cried so much over a book, except maybe The Book Thief but or not even that.) I cannot WAIT until Renegades and (which, actually releases on my birthday, November seventh) and I just wanted to say that I love your characters as well as your writing style, because they all break stereotypes in some way and each can be applied to the real world and ahhhhhh. (Also I met you once for the release of Winter and it was probably one of the greatest moments of my life.) Okay I’m done gushing for now. 🙂 <3

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