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Posted on: 19th Dec 2013  /   Categorized: Cress

With only 46 days (!!!) to go before Cress hits stores and I take off on my epic Cress book tour, it’s time for me to start brainstorming the all-important saying that I’ll write in the book during signings.


This is one of those weird things that kind of stresses me out every year. While a generic saying, such as “Enjoy!” or “Happy Reading!” would no doubt be perfectly acceptable, I really like to write something that relates to the book. Ideally I’ll also have a saying that is gender-neutral.


For CINDER, my go-to phrase is:


Once upon a future . . .


Though if I have more time, I might spice it up by writing:


May the glass slipper always fit.




May your fairy godmother always be on call.




Live long and charming.


For SCARLET, I usually write:


Who’s afraid?




Beware the Big Bad Wolf.


But for CRESS, so far all I’ve come up with is:


Let down your hair.


Which is okay, but a little cheesy and feminine and, you know, what if I’m signing for someone who’s bald?


So I’m seeking your help, guys! Obviously, I know that most of you have not yet had the chance to read CRESS, but I’m open to any ideas that reference Rapunzel or the first two TLC books too.


Any thoughts?


  1. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas commented on:

    Oo that’s a hard fairy tale to match up with a saying. The only thing I can think of is the little song to go with the tale which you have part of, but the last part might work too.

    “Climb the golden stair.”

  2. Mime commented on:

    “Keep your eyes clear.” (Because the prince has his eyes scratched out in the original version.)

    “No wicked like the witch.”

    “The witch will take you if you eat your greens.” (As the occasional, humorous one…)

    “Hair of gold, courage bold.”

    I’m not much good at thinking these things up. 😉 I absolutely admire you for doing clever catch-phrases, though! That is brilliant!

  3. Mandaaaaa commented on:

    It’s a Grimm life…
    Once upon a satellite
    Hair isn’t everything
    the girl on the netscreen

  4. Annabeth C. commented on:

    Um… “Don’t steal lettuce from old ladies”, perhaps? That sort of sounds like a PSA though.
    Or, “Keep away from the Thorne bush!” Am I right or am I right?
    Or even, “Lettuce defeat the evil witch!” Wow, I am on a ROLL!!!!
    Can’t wait for Cress to come out, 46 days is too long a wait!!!!!!

  5. Lori T. commented on:

    (Thinking about when “Rapunzel” lets down her hair)…

    “Don’t be afraid of the climb” or “Don’t be afraid to make the climb.”

    Hope those may help, Marissa! If I think of anything else, I’ll shoot them your way. These little sayings were the first to pop into my head when I read this 🙂

  6. Sam commented on:

    Maybe ‘ Escape your satellite. ‘ or ‘ Some Thornes don’t hurt to touch ‘ ahaha! I like the second one better c;

  7. Lori T. commented on:

    My feeble attempt at combining all 3 books:

    “When the slipper fits and the wolf runs free, orbit your own fate.”

    Ok, that’s probably a bit long, but after many attempts across several post-its, it was the best phrase out of them all 😉

  8. Amie commented on:

    Hope these help

    -Be Bold and Show the world who you truly are =)
    -Don’t be afraid of who you are.
    -Let your personality shine!

  9. Meridian commented on:

    “Take the leap.”

    “Courage cannot be locked in a tower.”

    “Let down your fear”

    Hope this sparked somethin’ 🙂

  10. mandy commented on:

    okay, the first thing i thought of was the star trek words. then the honeymooners popped up. ralph’s saying: to the moon, alice. bad bad bad, i know.
    but this popped into my head while shelving books. yours to keep.

    may light shine on your tower bright
    and the moon forever hold back the night
    the stars shine a path across the sky
    to guide imagination on its journey high
    a gift of reading i give to thee
    in love, peace, and tranquility

    sorry i couldn’t help.

  11. Jessica commented on:

    “Look for the girl on the moon”

    ” Let Cress hack into your heart”

    “Don’t let anyone tower over you”

    “Hope this story traps you…”

    “Climb over the moon”

    “To the moon and back”

    “Reach for the moon”

    I also really love a few from other commenters: “Once Upon a Satellite…”, “Don’t be afraid to make the climb”, and “Keep away from the Thorne Bush!” — Hope you find some good ones, have fun on your tour and CANNOT WAIT to read Cress 🙂

  12. Laura Albins commented on:

    Hmm. How about:

    Never stop climbing …
    Let down your Lunar flare

    Or more general:
    Unleash your inner Lunar

    Cannot wait to read the book! 🙂

  13. Jane Speare commented on:


    Stay shiny. (or shining.) Like the stars and space, right? I haven’t read it yet, of course.

    Good luck!

    (and, like, because firefly is awesome too.)


  14. Amanda F commented on:

    Don’t let being trapped in a tower keep you from shaking things up.

    That’s all I got. Just wanted to throw in my two cents.

  15. Natalie Garside commented on:


    – “A tower in the stars…”
    – “Hair, hi-jinx, heroics”
    – “A fall, a promise, a kiss…”
    – “There love was written in the stars…and crash-landed on planet earth.”
    – “Spy, Traitor, Incurable romantic.”
    – “From the highest tower comes the greatest fall…”

    Um, this is the most fun job ever. Please hire me to do this full time.

  16. Zoe commented on:

    Quite litterally sat at my computer screen screaming and slamming my hand down on the desk everytime I see a really good saying or a classic pun.

    The ones that have been said so far that are amazing are

    – “From the highest tower comes the greatest fall…”
    – ” Let Cress hack into your heart”
    – Keep away from the Thorne bush!” “Lettuce defeat the evil witch!” (these two made me laugh. Really loud)
    – “When the slipper fits and the wolf runs free, orbit your own fate.” (This one is especially amazing

    I guess for my own two cents I was thinking around the lines of

    – ” Don’t wait for him to come, always let your hair down..”
    Or something like that. I loved the last two and from the suggestions already the one you pick will be amazing 😀

  17. Alazia commented on:

    Maybe something like…

    “Grab your partner, dosey doe!”
    “Uploading adventure in…3…2…1!”
    “Three’s a crowd, five is lunartic!”

    I like the second and third the most. :3

  18. Alma Mo commented on:

    We all need to be rescued from something.

    Free of the Queen or death

    In a satellite hovering above earth…

    Don’t doubt the shoe that fits you.

    I fell in love with a monster that was more of man than most men I’ve met. – Scarlet. (if you have a while to write that anyways…)

    Captain Thorne – Criminal with class.

    She just wanted freedom and a Throne on her side.

    Wish on planets if you’re among the stars.

    Team work!

    Hey kids, don’t do drugs!

    Stay in school!

    If he asks for pics, he’s probably a perv!

    If all else fails, just write the whole book as the autograph. They’ll never suspect it! So yea, I’ve ran out of ideas.

    Hint at the dangers, summarize that important messages behind the characters, plot, the tragedies. The meaning of it all.

    I’ll come back if I think of something.

  19. Katherine commented on:

    Here’s a few ideas:

    *Rampion, let down your ramp (or just “Let down your ramp”)
    *Once upon a spaceship…
    *Who says Prince Charming doesn’t drive a spaceship? (A bit long, but true!)

  20. Jessica commented on:

    All of the previous ideas are amazing! The only thing I could think of is:

    “Escape Your Tower”

    I like a lot of the ones people have come up with! 🙂

  21. Ashley C. commented on:

    How about something like,

    “Unleash your inner damsel in distress.”

    Sorry, that’s all I got. 😉

  22. memyselfandbooks commented on:

    Gosh, this is tough.

    -Let us climb the golden stair.
    -A satellite is always your friend. (Little Cress!)
    -Avoid the blinding Thorne’s.
    -I am an actress! (from the preview!!)
    -… I’m bad at this, aren’t I? Oh well. I tried. 🙂

  23. kym commented on:

    (Hehehe). Some of the things that people are coming up with are really good. Wonder if you will be able to use them all?

    At the top of my head:

    * Don’t stop believing *
    * My future, my story *
    * If it gets tangled, brush it out* ( meaning if life gets all tangled up you can always push through it )

    Something quick to add to the table as well.

    GOOD LUCK with everything.

  24. Michelle commented on:

    There are allot of good ones already!

    How about. “Take your dreams to the stars”

    “Keep Calm and Comb On” lol

    “Never have a bad hair day”

    “Let your hair always be on your back” lol I dunno

  25. Sarah commented on:

    “Adventure is just a hair’s breadth away…”

    I also really liked the suggestion: Once upon a satellite…

    Can’t wait for the book! Good luck!

  26. Mirage commented on:

    maybe something like ” give yourself a break & wear your hair down” or “it’s never too late to see the real world’ maybe even ‘there is hair that is long enough’ & ‘release your inner heroine’

  27. Marissa commented on:

    Oh my gosh, you guys are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for all the ideas! Now the tough part will be choosing my favorites….

    <3 <3 <3

  28. Piper commented on:

    – Never steal someone’s vegetables, or else your child will end up like CRESS.

  29. Sam commented on:

    “For the damsel in distress,”

  30. McKenzie NE Tacoma commented on:

    Get “tangled” up in Cress. HA ha!

  31. Megan commented on:

    “Sattelite, Sattebright…” like Star light, star bright….meh, it doesn’t actually work that well :<
    "Sattelite wishes" Kind of a mixture of the previous one and "best" wishes xD

  32. Queza De Santi commented on:

    This just goes to show how thoughtful you are! <3

    Hmm, let me think. How about:

    "May you always find the door to your tower."

    Or… Let me think some more. 🙂

  33. Adele commented on:

    How about: “Turn your back on the life you once knew and discover you!” Hope this helps! Good luck.

  34. Sarah commented on:

    “Never stop believing in your dream.”
    “If your dream is impossible, go for it.”
    “Escape your Levenas.”
    “Hold onto hope of being free.”

    IDK, maybe these are cheesy. Used some ideas from Tangled. Thanks!

  35. Sarah commented on:

    “Rescue yourself.” I don’t know, I was just trying to say that sometimes you can’t wait for a prince to rescue you… sometimes you need to take charge and have faith in yourself.

  36. Aeslin commented on:

    “If what you desire is life, how can you be wrong. All too often, doubt is little more than a poison.”

    Everyone of them want to survive and live a peaceful life. But as they trudge on to stop the Queen doubt of being able to defeat her grasps their hearts. Slowly it eats away at them, so it is a poison to doubt yourself. Though I know they will pull through.

  37. Kim commented on:

    I posted these on Goodreads but I wanted to post them again on here 🙂

    “Escape the tower”
    “It helps to have friends in high places”

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  39. Rachel commented on:

    I’m channeling Tangled when I suggest, “Mistress Knows Best.”
    Maybe “Love is Blind,” or something about blindness, because the original Prince Charming from the fairy tale fell from the tower and was blinded by thorns.

  40. Ness commented on:

    Hmm.. I’m not really good at writing stuff. But I’d love a reference to the Rampion, since the original tale had the mother stealing the lettuce, and now we have Captain (ahem*Cadet*ahem) Thorne’s stolen ship.

    Or a reference to the tale where the princess’ tears heal the eyes of the prince and make him see (“open your eyes” or something less cheesy, Idk).

  41. Sarah G. commented on:

    I’m the wrong one to ask! LOL. Terrible at creating phrases. Good Luck with your brain storming! 46 days! (squeals)

  42. hasha k commented on:

    Obla co

  43. Briana B. commented on:

    There are so many good ones posted here!

    How about: “Embrace the lunarcy!”

  44. adele commented on:

    Like the “lunacy” I’m being a copycat>be a lunartic!”

  45. Matthew commented on:

    Keep Calm and Love Iko

  46. Tt commented on:

    -May the stars align
    -Adventure is the only escape
    -brave is thy heart

    I am totally bad at this Marissa! I will try and think of some more later.

  47. Crystal M. commented on:

    Only things I could come up with. Hope they help or you use one!

    Escape your tower/satellite
    Courage can’t be locked in a tower
    For those who aren’t afraid of Thornes

    Metal always beats glass
    Unleash your inner princess

  48. Whitney R. commented on:

    * Escape to the stars
    * Fight for peace
    * Be/Stay charming
    * Shoot for the moon…and defeat the queen

  49. Melissa commented on:

    I like Natalie Garside’s suggestions the best! Those were so good.
    I also will add:
    Love is Blind
    Let down your hair, but not your guard.
    May you always find your way…

  50. Victoria commented on:



  51. Marissa commented on:


  52. Eliz commented on:

    Many good ones. I’ll contribute:

    The view from up there is stellar.

  53. Katherine commented on:

    I was thinking

    *Fine as spun gold.
    * A book fine as spun gold.

    I Sam’s idea about Thorne.

  54. Katherine commented on:


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