Happy Thursday – I’m off to England!!

Posted on: 21st Mar 2013  /   Categorized: Events

I’m scheduling this post in advance, so by the time it’s posted I’ll be – LEEEAAAVING… ON A JET PLANE!

I’m maybe a little bit excited.

I’m taking a blogging hiatus while I’m gone, so check back for more updates the first week of April. I’m planning some posts on taxes and book synopses, and my goodness, it’s gonna be a blast.

Before I go – some quick announcements!

– UK FANS, you have two opportunities to see me next week:

On Sunday, I’ll be on a panel at SunnyCon in Sunderland.
(A pass is required to attend this event.)

And on Tuesday, I’ll be at Waterstones Bromley for a free book talk and signing!


I am going to have some time to do a little sight-seeing, and while I have my personal wishlist of places to go, if you know of something I absolutely MUST DO while in London, let me know in the comments!

– Don’t forget to enter the “Best Quiz Ever” Giveaway for a UK copy of SCARLET and more! Ends 4/1.

– Google Reader is Going Away!

If you read this blog and others on Google Reader, you probably already know that Google is getting rid of the program in July. Now is a great time to start looking for other blog-reading alternatives. This post from AuthorMedia has some suggestions.

See you in a couple weeks!


  1. Carina Olsen commented on:

    Ohh, have fun 😀 Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could be there 🙂 I have been in London three times. And every time we go to the Westfield mall (at Shepherd’s Bush) and I just love it there. It’s so pretty and awesome. (Mostly excited about the Disney Store there, lol :D) But the one thing you MUST try is the Mr. Pretzel’s pretzel. Cinnamon and Sugar. It’s so soft and perfect and so damn good. It’s the best. A bit sticky, but so so good 🙂 You must try it. The mall is a bit big, which is kind of awesome, but a bit hard to find things. Mr. Pretzel is like a small booth in the first (ground) floor where you walk 🙂 You really should try them ;p Anyway. I hope you have an amazing time in London 😀

  2. Sasha Wedge commented on:

    Hi Marissa, enjoy your visit to not so sunny England! I’m gutted that I am nowhere near the two events and cannot attend them. While in London you should make sure you visit the Natural History Museum as well as the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Make sure to use the underground to get around and get the most of your stay. Apparently there is a really good Whitechapel Jack the Ripper tour as well. I used to live down London way but moved North of the country 10 years ago and I do miss it. You should visit Manchester sometime.


  3. Mark Murata commented on:

    Wow, the furthest I’ve been out of the country is up to Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia. If you visit Baker Street, where they’ve dressed it up in honor of Sherlock Holmes, let us know.

  4. Jennzah commented on:

    Waterstones Bromley is lovely. i lived in England for 3 years with my husband, who is from there. we have family that live right there in Orpington, and my 13 year old cousin Rozzy is a big reader who i’ve told to come see you! enjoy England, it’s lovely! i miss it! 🙂

  5. Jenny commented on:

    London is my favorite city in the world.

    Sights not to miss:
    Westminster Abbey
    British Museum
    National Gallery
    Burberry outlet
    Covent Garden
    Buckingham Palace
    The Globe
    221B Baker Street
    The London Eye

    Places to Eat:
    Grand Bazaar, 42 James St.
    Food For Thought, 31 Neal St,
    Punjab, 80 Neal St.
    Italian Kitchen, 43 New Oxford St.

    Have a super mega magical time!

  6. Loie commented on:

    Weeeeeeeeee! So excited for your Waterstones signing 😀 Will see you there! Sight-seeing in London as well so am going to peek through the comments for hints as well haha.

  7. Emma commented on:

    Ooooh! I love England. I hope you have fun. I’m in the middle of Scarlet right now and think that it’s awesome and can’t wait for the next book. And also, I looked up the name “Levana” and saw that it meant moon. Very clever of you. 🙂

  8. hannah C brown commented on:

    You get to go England? I’m so jealous!

  9. Merili commented on:

    Have fun! I’ve always wanted to go to England… Of course, I’d probably only go to be around people with that epic accent… 😉
    If I had the money, I would go to meet you! 🙂

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