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A couple weeks ago, the annual edition of the Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market came out. This is a brilliant resource that features articles on craft, publishing, promotion, networking, and more, all written by agents, editors, authors, and other knowledgeable business folk.


This year, it also features me!


I was selected as one of a handful of people to be interviewed and profiled in the book, along with these other notable authors: Garth Nix, Tamora Pierce, Kiersten White, Patricia C. Wrede, Rae Carson, Jessica Day George, and Kristen O’Donnell Tubb.


(Pause for fangirlish squealing.)



For more details, check out the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


The mastermind behind the book, Chuck Sambuchino, has offered one copy to a lucky blog reader. Which means…


Giveaway time!


What you have to do:


– If you’re a writer, leave a comment to this post with a 1 to 2 sentence pitch of your current WIP.


– If you’re an illustrator, leave a link to a site where we can find some of your artwork.


– Then fill out this Rafflecopter form, and that’s it! Good luck!


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  1. Jenny commented on:

    This would be such a helpful book to have! Congratulations on being interviewed in it and I look forward to reading it. (just a little side note, I started the Cinder audiobook- couldn’t handle the anticipation for Scarlet- and the woman reading it completely captured Cinder, but PERFECTLY got Iko’s voice)
    My WIP:
    It is not a romance story, att least, not intentionally. (Name of main character, still not finalized) struggles to deal with the horrors unfolding around her amid the world of ever-changing technology-with the help of a kind of amazing, wonderful and completely different guy.

  2. Jenny commented on:

    Thank you for the great giveaway! I look forward to reading the book and congratulations on being profiled in it. On a side note, I just started the Cinder audiobook as a way to ease the anticipation over Scarlet, and the reader was able to not only portray Cinder and Kai, but COMPLETELY AND PERFECTLY embody Iko:)
    my WIP:
    (Character’s name; still TBD) struggles to deal with her greatest fear unfolding around her amid a world of ever-changing technology, along with the help of a kind of amazing, wonderful and different boy.

  3. Liz DeJesus commented on:

    YEY! Even if I don’t win a copy I’ll still buy it. 🙂

    My WIP:

    Bianca Frost is back in Everafter, trouble finds her…no matter where she is. Rebekah, the Frog Queen, wants Cinderella’s glass slippers and she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants.

  4. Secretly_Samus (aka Shannon) commented on:

    The elevator pitch! But I’m still working on that…. Even if I don’t win, this sounds like the perfect incentive to actually buy a copy this year…

    Something strange is brewing in the land of Fairclough, and Cora suspects there’s more to the silent stranger that washed up on the beach than meets the eye. In this gender-reversed, Steampunk reimagining of “The Little Mermaid,” Cora and Damarion must work together to stop an evil witch from destroying two worlds.

  5. Colin commented on:

    This is really quite hard, but I’ll give it a try:

    Pear Kztaterin has always wanted to visit Earth in the 1970s, so she “borrows” a prototype space-time travel device to make the trip… and ends up in 1870s London by mistake. She needs electricity to recharge her ride, something much harder to come by when Edison has only just invented the light bulb; but if she doesn’t return home soon, there will be trouble when some very powerful people realize the prototype is missing…

  6. Gretchen commented on:

    Awesome giveaway! I just purchased my first Writer’s Market this year and would love to get the 2013 version as I continue to try to tell my current story.

    My WIP is the second/third part of a series regarding werewolves in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where my gang of friends have found the keeper of werewolf lore in the area, he just happens to be the mayor of a town of werewolves. Once he finds out that they’ve come across a rogue shifter, he wants to bring the new blood into the fold.

  7. Jordan E. commented on:

    WIP Pitch: The main character, known to many as the Raven, and her partner-in-crime, known as the Wolf, lead a group of misfits. They encounter a deadly secret within the tyrannical monarchy that could threaten their way of life, not to mention their own lives.

  8. Alayna commented on:

    Lucy thought her life couldn’t get anymore complicated after she found out her estranged father is a vampire. She was wrong…

  9. Natasha commented on:

    I’m in the revision process of my WIP and I’m hoping to submit next year, so this book would be quite helpful. Here’s the pitch:

    A childless couple is given a child from the moon. On Yugao’s seventeenth birthday, they discover she is to return to the moon in a year’s time. Her adopted sister, Kin, can’t come to terms with losing her older sister and decides to climb Mount Eien to ask the moon for a choice in her Yugao’s fate.

  10. Patsy commented on:

    Yay for the Snowflake Method already equipping me with a one sentence pitch!

    “After being expelled from mainstream society, a teenage factory worker is manipulated by a corporate spy into learning how she has contracted a disease which causes the body to physically and fatally reject joy.”

  11. Tamara commented on:

    Is it cheating if I enter?

    “On an asteroid colony set up in the style of a romanticized Victorian era, Stella is fighting against misogynistic laws that are forcing her to marry at sixteen. But female oppression isn’t her only problem – the asteroid clocks are ticking faster, the temperature regulators are malfunctioning, and if Stella can’t figure out what’s happening in time, the entire colony will burn.”

  12. Briana B. commented on:

    What do wishes look like, and where do they live, before they are fulfilled? A young girl and boy set off to find the answers that only a mysterious train conductor knows.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  13. Loie commented on:

    A gifted seventeen-year-old girl leaves her impoverished home and heads to the court of Normandy where she acts as a dream interpreter for the corrupt King.

  14. Kathryn @ Clean Teen Fiction commented on:

    I finally finished my 1st draft. Now on to the revisions! It’s a slow WIP.

    Aspen lives a normal high school life until the day she escapes a brutal attack. Something deep inside her has changed. She is more powerful than she ever imagined.

  15. Gretchen commented on:

    I thought I posted yesterday but my comment still isn’t here so posting again. I hope that’s alright.

    My WIP:
    He lost the girl he liked to his best friend even after helping to save her from her crazed werewolf stalker, Jack now finds himself to be a werewolf too. He’s located the holder of werewolf knowledge in a strange unincorporated town but he’s not aware that the town is looking for some new blood for their pack.

  16. Emmy Neal commented on:

    I really need to learn how to start with a pitch! Definitely snowflaking my next WIP to see how it goes. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!!!

    Seal of the Gods:

    After being mysteriously handed an ancient prophecy for translation, Violet learns there’s more behind her country’s forty-year war than anyone knew–and the tentative peace treaty is threatened in ways she couldn’t even imagine. With the help of the prince, Violet must stop vengeful gods and greedy nobles from renewing war their country barely survived the first time.

  17. Ellie Moreton commented on:

    Oh jeez. *cringes at thinking of a pitch*
    Here goes~!:

    Kochie and Liko have been raised as enemies. But when they get bound together by magik that isn’t supposed to exist, they’ll have to work together, or die together.

  18. Jon G. commented on:

    What was it like for the Wizard of Oz growing up? My WiP is the story of the rise of the Wizard in Oz.

  19. WriterAlina commented on:

    What a generous give away! Thanks for all the advice and for sharing all your encouraging experiences.

    WIP Pitch: Xanthe is taken from her family, illegally experimented on, and turned into half-human and half-machine. Now she has to figure out how to live in her new body and learn to protect herself from an entity that wants her new body for itself; but most of all, Xanthe must save her little brother and sister from the same fate, escape their prison, and destroy the research that created her.

  20. Sarah commented on:

    Thank you for the giveaway! As for my book idea pitch, I have many ideas that are still in the idea stage and may never go anywhere. I wonder if I can enter more than once?? Hmm… Well for now I will post my favorite, but if I can’t enter a second time will still put some of my main ideas in a comment for fun. This is not very good, but here goes…

    It is December of 3012 and the entire human population lives on Mars. Estelle is a 17 year old who longs to visit Earth, and is thrilled when she is chosen in a contest to accompany a group of astronauts. Even if it includes an apprentice Will, an older boy from school who she can’t stand, and their departure date is the ill-fated 21 of December. Estelle figures it should be easy to avoid Will and doesn’t believe in that “the world as we know it will end” heap of junk, I mean nothing happened in 2012. But when catastrophe strikes Estelle and Will may be stuck together on Earth…permanently.

    Rather lengthy but I hope you enjoyed it!

  21. Sarah commented on:

    Here is a second idea.

    The Princess’s Choice
    Set in India centuries ago, Princess Merenya is a blonde like her foreign captured mother, but is thought of as ugly by her culture and all of her many sisters who were borne by local brunette wives. She is strong-willed and adventurous, and so is furious when she is sent off by her father to marry some (probably uglier than she) King from a country she’s never heard of, just to keep peaceable relations (why waste one of her ravishing sisters). But on the journey her procession is attacked by bandits and in one moment Merenya makes a decision that will save her life and change her fate. Escaping from her litter and disguising herself as a slave girl, she is accepted into the bandits way of life. The only problem is that her father soon finds out. How much will he do to bring her back, and how much will Merenya have to give to keep the man whom she loves, and who loves her for the woman she is inside?

  22. local classified ads commented on:

    Wonderful goods from you, man. I’ve keep in mind your stuff prior to and you are simply too fantastic. I actually like what you’ve received right here, certainly like what you’re saying and the best way by which you say it. You are making it entertaining and you continue to take care of to keep it wise. I cant wait to read far more from you. That is really a great site.

  23. Nai-Eri commented on:

    My novel is about a disillusioned hero searching for a reason to keep fighting in a job that brings her more problems than rewards. She tries to regain her lost memories for an answers only to find herself in the middle of assassination attempts, suspicious friends and a villain threatening to destroy society.

  24. Marissa commented on:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    My WIP:
    Corolina has grown up knowing that she will learn a very important family secret on the day she turns 15. What she discovers might be a little more than she can handle… but she does it anyway because her father convinces her it is what her mother would have wanted; for her to accept her destiny as a Chosen One who kills to save.

  25. mandy commented on:

    My wip is Nekropolis. How do you deal with rampaging daemons, an angry vampire (even though he was partially at fault, but would he admit that?), witches with attitude, a shape shifter having daddy issues, and someone trying to kill you? Don’t know. Neither does Lili. Welcome to Nekropolis,

  26. Rubel Bogra 01746944555 commented on:

    you are actually a good webmaster. The web site loading pace is incredible. It seems that you are doing any unique
    trick. Furthermore, The contents are masterwork. you’ve performed a great task in this subject!…social media craze

  27. Ashleigh commented on:

    So, my WIP:

    Sara, enemy of the words “you’re mine” with good reason, has problems. A tagger with a crush on her calls in a favor, the tagger’s evil twin brother makes he clear he’d like to get Sara in bed, her ex-boyfriend is doing his damnedest to win her back, and a late-night stand-off in her skimpiest nightgown makes her wish she could move away for college eight months sooner.

  28. Laura commented on:

    My WIP:
    A short story for young readers about an Old English Sheepdog named Winslow. Winslow has lost his favorite ball of yellow and is in search of it. with a surprise ending. I have illustrated with black and white except for the “balls of yellow” that Winslow finds on his search.

  29. Laura commented on:

    My WIP:
    A short story for young readers….About an Old English Sheepdog who has lost his favorite ball of yellow. I have illustrated with black and white except for the “balls of yellow” that Winslow finds on his adventure, with a surprisingly sweet ending.

  30. Katherine commented on:

    This is the first year I’m doing NaNoWriMo, and here is the novel I’ll be writing:

    On the floating island of Upari, there is magic in the…hair. Follicular mages are caught up in the Upari-wide civil war headed by the priests and the scholars who are trying to determine the origins of their island, and if the legend of a land below is true. One woman, gifted with different types of magic, discovers only she can end the war.

  31. Lori commented on:

    Seventeen-year old Cas Bennett, a trained hunter of the dark paranormal, can fight the most vicious of beasts, but is unable to shake the idea of her parents dying in a car accident shortly after she was born. Her discovery to uncover her past leads her to a terrifying conclusion: she’s not actually Cas Bennett.

  32. Karla commented on:

    Wow, this is great, I would like to have one, since I want to illustrate books. One of my goals is to illustrate a cover!.

    Here is the link of my blogspot:

    It’s in spanish, but where it says: Galería, it’s where I have my recent drawings.

    And, I created last week a worpress: (more stuff)

    Thank you.

  33. Bee commented on:

    This is such a great opportunity! Thank you so much for the chance 🙂

    WiP Pitch:

    One girl’s search for her missing brother evokes a centuries old prophecy that throws an entire country in chaos, leaving the King thirsting for her blood and the Prince for her heart.

  34. Kenya@knoji commented on:

    Congratulations! This is excellent for you. Being a featured writer in the Writers and Illustrators Market is excellent.

    You are in good company.. and they are in good company as well.

    I’m a writer but I am not working on anything that long right now, so I don’t have a WiP.
    However I do wish everyone who has entered the contest all the best. I know that the guide will prove useful to whoever uses it. It has lots of information for established professionals and new illustrators and writers.

  35. Lynn commented on:

    Congratulations on being featured in the book!

    Writing and illustrating a book for really young readers (hopefully a series!). Characters are kangaroos.
    Main characters name TBD, First book will deal with not everyone being good at the same thing. Main character wants to join the choir at school but can’t carry a note in a bucket. Feels sad and left out but…his/her friends discover he/she’s an artist and he/she is recruited to make posters and flyers for the upcoming choir recital.

  36. Kaitlin Chase commented on:

    This would be great to have! Thanks for giving one away!

    Writing a children’s book about a girl named Millie who has a wild imagination. She goes on an adventure cleaning her room, and comes across many things she has to battle. At the end she finds something special.

  37. Kelly commented on:

    Just curious as to if a winner was chosen?

  38. Tyler A. Oswald commented on:

    I’m sitting on a pile of things I would like to get published, and starting an MFA in January through VCFA; this book is just what I need!

    Latest WIP: Cousins Logan and Cooper stumble across a real living legend while perpetrating a Bigfoot hoax near their hometown in Idaho: and it turns out to be Sasquatch himself! Now, two high-school jokers are responsible for one of the biggest discoveries in history–and things are about to get hairy!

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