Brainstorming Cress Swag! Suggestions Welcome

Posted on: 13th Sep 2013  /   Categorized: Cress

As I take a little break in between contests and giveaways, I’ve been starting to think about one of my favorite aspects of promoting a new book:




In the past, my publisher and I have done: bookmarks, stickers, temporary tattoos, pins, fortune cookies, sweatshirts, lip gloss, mirrors, magnets, postcards, bracelets, scarves, and book plates.


(Good heavens, when I list it all out like that, I’m kind of impressed!)


And now that the CRESS cover has been revealed, it’s time to order up some fun goodies for future events and giveaways.

swag pack


My publisher will be joining in the swag  fun again, too! For Cinder they made up small mirrors, for Scarlet there was watermelon lipgloss and these awesome red sweatshirts, and I think they’re thinking of doing combs or hair accessories for Cress? So fun and girly!

As for me, I’ll definitely be doing bookmarks and pins again, because those are always popular. Though I think I’ll be broadening some of the pins’ saying. (Someone has suggested “Kai is my Prince Charming,” “Thorne is my Captain,” and “Wolf is my Alpha” pins, which I’m rather fond of!)

swag pins

I’m going to try to mix in some more guy-appropriate sayings as well. Boys, if you have suggestions, let me know!


As for book-specific goodies, for Cinder my Mom made nuts-and-bolts bracelets, plus I had special fortune cookies made, which were so much fun . . . until they went stale, lol.



I did temporary tattoos for Scarlet, including LSOP tattoos.

Iko tattoo


As for Cress, I thought maybe Lunar Chronicles-themed postcards, like those fun retro ones. “Welcome to New Beijing!” “With love from Luna!” etc.


On that note, I could also doing wedding invitation postcards….. *cough cough*


Or maybe bumper stickers? “My other vehicle is a Rampion” perhaps?


I’m not sure how feasible it would be money-wise, but I also thought “portscreen” iPod skins would be fun, since Cress is the musical one of the group. But everyone has different iPods these days, so maybe iPhone or iPad skins instead? Hmmmm.


Other ideas:


– satellite keychains

– Commonwealth chopsticks

– Chronicles messenger bags/book bags

– Notepads or sticky notes

– T-shirts


And that’s all I’ve come up with so far, but I’ll keep brainstorming.


I’m interested in hearing your ideas! Have you been impressed with author swag before? What Lunar Chronicles goodies would you riot for?


  1. Kelley commented on:

    Oh my gosh. I love the Rampion bumper sticker, satellite keychains, and Commonwealth chopstick ideas!!!

  2. Yana commented on:

    A Cinder necklace? A long thin silver chain with two charms at the end – two cog wheels and one red high heel?

  3. Yana commented on:

    I really want a Scarlet t-shirt, a Lunar Chronicles hoodie and a bookbag……………………… 😀

  4. Nisaa Hosein commented on:

    I love swag! Can’t go wrong with sticky notes!

  5. Zee commented on:

    Tumblers. 🙂
    or maybe Lunar Chronicles journals.

    I’m sooo dying to have Cress!

  6. Wendy commented on:

    skins forcell phones or ereaders, key chains are awesome, bracelets are always good maybe Hair ties, i am obsessed with ink pens , travel mugs coffee mugs, socks.

  7. Morgan commented on:

    Yes! Chopsticks!!! What about a jump drive?

  8. Mara commented on:

    I love the idea of messenger bags and hair accessories! I also like the keychains, maybe pens (imagining writing in my notebook with them!). I think skins for ipad might be a good idea, and how about bracelets that have something representing Cinder, Scarlet and Cress?

  9. Rebekah Gyger commented on:

    I love these little book cover key chains. They are adorable. Here is the link to some, I have one for another book and love it!

  10. Philistine B. Ayad commented on:

    Ohhhh…. I’d love those buttons to out all over my messenger bag. They’d hold a place of honor with my Harry Potter and Jack Skellington buttons. <3
    I'd really like to riot for a Cress ARC though. 😉

  11. Erleen @ Books For YA! commented on:

    I would love to have a t-shirt that says “I’m Wolf’s Alpha Female” or “I can see through your glamour” or something like that.

  12. Madara commented on:

    As I am a total badge/pin fan I would totally adore to have one or more saying “Wolf is my Alpha” <3
    And as I usually loose my bookmarks I would definitely buy all kind as well =)

  13. Morgan commented on:

    I love the idea of vintage postcards, wedding invitations, and the notepads!! Those sound awesome :))

  14. Paula commented on:

    I haven’t looked up costs yet, but just came out with wallets 🙂 since you’re looking for guy stuff. And keychains! Not just for keys, they make great luggage and backpack ID tags too. Travel mugs and coffee mugs.
    Also, you need a line of Christmas ornaments and this Christmas you can decorate your tree with Lunar swag – because Christmas is awesome and it is never too early to get ready for. Instead of tinsel you can use long red ribbon like in Cress’ hair on the cover… 😉

    Maybe more guy-friendly logos could have images of cyborgs, spaceships, and wolves, but I’m coming up blank on slogans.

  15. Lori T. commented on:

    I honestly have loved all the Cinder and Scarlet swag from you. My Scarlet hoodie is one of my fave things to wear! A few different things for Cress is exciting. I love the idea of hair accessories, bumper stickers and iPhone/ iPad skins. Sticky notes would be so much fun. I would love Cress vintage postcards and t-shirts and a messenger/book bag would be a fabulous swag gift for any Chronicles fan. What about character cards? It would be so much fun to have trading cards of our favorite Chronicles characters (though I could never give up a Wolf card!) Have you ever considered doing a Kickstarter where fans could purchase an assortment of things? I bought some stuff from Lish’s earlier this year. And if you had things like shirts and bags available I’m sure lots of fans would love to buy swag that they don’t win from contests. (Also, I hope you’ll still make stickers and bookmarks for Cress and Winter because the Cinder and Scarlet ones were phenomenal! I’d love to have them for each book and I loved giving out extras in the library,) 🙂

  16. Christina Rebelo-Furtado commented on:


    I think Lanyards would be a convenient, affordable and fun idea for a piece of swag. Pens, notepads & sticky notes are great too! Or even mini nail polishes with a colour like a deep gold with sparkles to compare to Cress’ hair (Although price wise it may not be as affordable in comparison to the lanyard)

  17. Chloe commented on:

    I love all of this! My ideas have already been listed but I’d love to have/see…

    – sweatshirt/t shirt
    – lanyard
    – travel mug
    – vintage postcards

    🙂 Can’t wait for Cress! Rapunzel is one of my favorites 🙂

  18. Kai commented on:

    Your Message

  19. Grace commented on:

    I really would love a hoodie like Scarlett’s and maybe for cress u could do hair stuff? Oh and jw r any of the girls book lovers? Cuz I love to relate to the characters and there’s no better way then if their book lovers.

  20. Maddilin commented on:

    I’d like a few more temporary tattoos options. I would definitely wear them and put them on everything, like posters, if there were simpler options, like ones that just said: Kai, Wolf, Cinder, Scarlet, Cress…. It’s just I always cut off the ‘Team’ of ‘Team Cinder’ because it reminds me of other books, and I really just want to think of the Lunar Chronicles! 😀 So maybe, add in a few more tattoo options, because the ones at the Scarlet premiere were great… I just like having more options 🙂 Another tattoo idea would be cyborg-skin. One would put it on, and it’d look like a patch where the faux-skin had fallen off and people’s cyborg parts were showing through.

    Um, also! Let’s see. If your books do become movies, and the movie producers aren’t simply thinking about it, I’d love to hang the movie posters – but that’s a few years off, right? (congrats!!!!) On that note, I’d love to have a little Rampion figurine, like how they made figurines of the castle in Howl’s Moving Castle.

    Oh, and if there were baseball hats with the names of characters on them, I would wear those so often! Just like: Cinder or Lunar or Thorne or even T.E.! Just, simpler is better. (Please?) Someone could always write or sew on “Team” or “I love” or “Welcome to the” if they wanted to.

    And then, what about wall murals or wall stickers? Those might be expensive to make, though. I’m not entirely sure. Thank you for listening to your fans and considering our suggestions!

  21. Alyssa H. commented on:

    Lovely ideas!

    One thought might be t-shirts similar to some Downtown Abbey put out: “I’M A ____” (ex: “I’M A CINDER,” “I’M A CRESS”). They appear to have vanished from the internet, but they looked a bit like the “FREE BATES” one here (san-serif font with the title in serif below):

    Something like “FREE BATES” might be cool, too–something a character might actually wear. I always tend to like those sorts of designs more than a standard book-name shirt. (Other examples might be:,,

    A cleverly designed quote shirt is also fun:

    Perhaps silk gloves from Cinder (or opera gloves)? Or fake opera glasses for Cress? Not sure if those are above the merchandizing budget. Special chopsticks? (

    I’d definitely get excited over some minimalist posters. or

    Is my inner design geek showing yet? Heh.

  22. EMILIE commented on:

    keychains / pendents/charms be nice. I wish your pins were like pokemon badges but i guess it doesn’t matter. maybe some yarn that in colors inspired by the characters,. A wallet be nice that looks like it was designed. I would love to have stationary or even better envelopes in Lunar chronicles themes. A painter’s cap . technological looking boots, Silver! sachets, oh ohoh red envelopes likes those chinese ones, i collect them!!,folders, stamps include one with just a L , a pillow be nice, deleted scenes, caera case? passport case?carriage shaped box? shoe shaped candle?bow tie, arm cuffs like korra’s? I really love a PUZZLE JIGSAW. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  23. Denise commented on:

    Well first of all I was thinking of stickers! I don’t know if its possible but get a graphic artist to create the characters and important things from the series like Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, the captain (with his ship in the background!), and all the characters! Also I love this idea of t-shirts but with funny quotes like things Iko has said! I also have this idea that’s a little far fetched but I was thinking that maybe you could do personal items you read in the story. Like the Cinderella dress that Cinder wears to the ball!

    Also I love the idea of key chains, port screens and such!

  24. Krystina commented on:

    I love those temporary tattoos!! They are so creative!!! How about making some Cinder’s foot kechains? That would be cool. ^-^

  25. Shay commented on:

    I love the ideas of tattoos and t-shirts! I realyy like the “I can see through your glamour” that Erleen @ Books For YA said.

  26. Valeria Andrea commented on:

    Hmm, all I can think of are loooong golden (perhaps braided) tiny key chains with a little hair comb attached to it.

  27. Heather commented on:

    How about a charm bracelet with charms that represent all three books? Love all of the ideas already suggested, too!

  28. Grace commented on:

    Well this book is your take on Rapunzel, right? A hair product of some sort might be really cool, or a toy Rampion (I see what you did there, don’t deny it Meyer.)

    Since Cress is a very imaginative character, some hair accessories might be nice too. That fit with her ideas of her being a dancer or a movie star, barrettes with flowers and Cress written on them might be fantastic.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  29. Isabel commented on:

    I love the swag you’ve mentioned! Basically, anything that will make people look at it and say “What is that?” than I like it. I love getting other people hooked on amazing books!

  30. Grace commented on:

    Haha, the Rampion Bumper Car Sticker!!!! Its got my vote all the way!!! Haha this is amazing and keep coming up with the great ideas! It would be nice to have something that had all three books combined in it or something that had to do with Levana or other infamous Lunars *cough cough* Sybil Mira *cough* :3

    Keep up the great work! When I get my hands on that merch! Haha.

  31. Delia commented on:

    Whoa. I just realized that there are so many other Graces here!!!

  32. Grace commented on:

    Oh my gosh,I just realized something and came up with an idea! Because there is a Cinder+Kai OTP pin, there should be a Scarlet+Wolf or Za’ev OTP pin too!!! And not to mention a Thorne+Rampion OTP pin too!!! That would be hilarious!!! 🙂 just another idea.

  33. Philistine Ayad commented on:

    I want a number sticker that says, “My other vehicle is a rampion. ”
    That would definitely complete my geek-mobile of a car. Haha.
    Things that are currently on my car:
    license plate that says NYMBUS
    sticker on my back windshield that says, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”
    gryffindor sticker
    triforce logo and a heart meter (Zelda games)
    zombie response vehicle sticker
    Jack Skellington sticker
    and a snitch hanging from my rear view mirror
    (And a bunch of Coexist, free Palestine, and other political stickers. Haha…)

    Can’t you see how that bumper sticker would be perfect?

  34. Sherry commented on:

    Oh, I loved everything on there! Hope I get to have some of that adorable swag. :3 I’d definitely go for the chopsticks (I’m Asian myself, so yeah…) and that LSOP tatoo idea was genius!! Also, the “Kai is my Prince Charming” button sounds fabulous! Anything and everything is fine, but those were my favourites.

  35. Sayomay commented on:

    That all sounds amazing!!! U should also hold a cosplay contest that would b fun!

  36. Sarah B. commented on:

    The messenger bag and t-shirts sound awesome! I absolutely love the idea of combs and other hair stuff to. That would be so perfect!!!

  37. Alison commented on:

    I’ve seen authors giving away flash drives with swag on them. Maybe you could get some designed with the different book covers? There are a lot of options you could put on the flash drives: wallpaper for computers, printable bookmarks, the short stories that go with the series, artwork from the books, deleted scenes form the books, etc. See? Tons of options!

  38. Morning Star commented on:

    Messenger Bags! Please!

  39. tammy commented on:

    Wow all of these ideas are awesome! I would buy them all. How about playing cards? Have someone design your characters of all 4 books and put there pictures on the cards. I don’t know what the cost of that would be, if its too high then just a deck of cards with the backside picture of all 4 girls. I don’t know if am telling my idea right so this link will hopefully show you what am trying to say. Seeing your a SM fan too hope you like this:) I have 13 SM deck playing cards I would love to get a Cinder theme deck too:)

  40. Colin commented on:

    As a guy, I vote for the t-shirt (nothing too fancy: black with CRESS in the font style of the book), and I like the idea of mugs too. Or, in-keeping with the music theme, how about CD coasters with the cover as the label on the CD? I know CD’s probably a bit retro for CRESS, but that might be fun.

    I’m really looking forward to this book, Marissa–whatever the swag. 🙂

  41. Becca commented on:

    I want a swag bag! Haha I LOVE the Lunar Chronicles and have gotten maybe three of my friends hooked on it. (One of their names is Kai!!!) Anyways I like the idea of the iPhone covers!

  42. Ramona commented on:

    I think that a necklace with a crescent moon would be really cute because it’ll tie up with the whole ‘lunar’ chronicles thing 🙂 Maybe even different ribbons with printed Cress stuff on with be pretty cool too

  43. ckatmyla commented on:

    I would definitely love some notebook/notepads or shirts. Wonder if anyone’s gotten any real LC tattoos yet…

  44. Aimee commented on:

    I personally would love a Lunar Chronicles calendar but I don’t know if that’s possible lol. These are all such good ideas! Apologies if any of this has been said before but for the red envelopes idea, red envelopes are usually given with gifts or money inside so maybe you could use those as packaging for other swag instead of by themselves? Cress takes place in the Sahara, so maybe African beaded bracelets?

    Also with the Lunar war coming up, you could tie into that. Maybe some little flags for each of the countries or vintage wartime propaganda-style swag? How about a cyborg Rosie the Riveter or an anti-wedding (cough, cough) “Make war, not love” button?

  45. Anna T. commented on:

    I will buy all of that my friends will call me a Lunar Chronicles-alcoholic but I don’t mind I love the Lunar Chronicles. You should sell them at book stores YAY!!!!!!!!

  46. Kierra D. commented on:

    Okay, the swag I like BEST is the simple ones like bookmarks and such. I enjoy clothing too(I wanted those Scarlet sweatshirts so badly, but couldn’t find giveaways for them!). Those are the two things that I use and love.

  47. Merili R commented on:

    I would LOVE a hoodie with either Kai x Cinder on it, or Captain Thorne’s name… 🙂 I think I’d like stuff that I can wear/use at school or around places better than stuff that I can’t (hoodies, fake tattoos, stickers I can all use at school… Mirrors are cool, but I don’t drag them around with me everywhere 😉

  48. Vivien commented on:

    Where do I find the book swag? The hoodie sounds AWESOME! Same with all of the other things, vintage postcards… WOW!

  49. Maithilee commented on:

    These are all so amazing! I’ve never had the chance to get some swag from authors, but these sounds great. If I was getting swag, I’d prefer things I could use on a daily basis to show my fandom status. For example the sweatshirts and bookmarks and messenger bags. The key chai is a great idea too, as well as the post cards. But the chopsticks and notepad may not be so hot, and the skins would have to be done juuuust right. I like these a ton though!

  50. Rachel commented on:

    All your ideas sound so cool, Marissa lol! PLEASE DO SOME IPODS SKINS! I’ve got the newest one and I’d love to have it look like a portscreen haha! The tattoos, badges, and stickers all sound wonderful! 😀 x

  51. Maria commented on:

    Bumper Stickers!

  52. Nai-Eri commented on:

    ” – satellite keychains
    – Commonwealth chopsticks
    – Chronicles messenger bags/book

    DO WANT. Especially the keychains. Swag that can be used on a daily basis is definitely a plus. I can broadcast my LC love everyday :3

  53. Rae commented on:

    I’ve read most of the comments here and the best ideas that people have commented on so far are:

    * Charm bracelets!!!
    *More stickers
    *Messenger bag

    How about doing a Lunar Chronicles *NAIL POLISH line (The color of Cinder’s dress or the color of the plague, or Red Tomato), or *MAKE-UP compacts (eye shadow colors inspired by each character’s personality) or even a *SCENT? (perfume, body spray, lotion, etc)

  54. Celine commented on:

    I have to buy one of those red sweatshirts! And I love the button idea. Personally, I think any kind of Lunar Chronicles related iPod case or messenger bag would be amazing too! Maybe a necklace or bracelet with charms like a wrench, a mini android, a wolf, a tomatoe, maybe character initials … Anything like that would be really cool too =)

  55. Michelle commented on:

    Fair warning I’m opinionated….
    I would love a messenger bag, key chains or charms, notebooks, pens, pins/buttons and postcards from all over (France for Scarlet, New Beijing for Cinder, Lunar for Cress, Africa for Dr. Erland etc.) Sweatshirts and tee shirts are always fun to get as long as the only option doesn’t say “team ____” this is NOT twilight I don’t want to pick a team.

    Nail polish would be fun, as would a lip gloss or lipstick. I don’t enjoy hair accessories but Cress is Rapunzel so I think the connection makes hair accessories a good choice even though I don’t personally enjoy them. I always love a witty wordplay and quality materials. I’d rather pay for quality swag than get poorly made souvenirs that won’t last as long as my love of the book.

    I hope this helps!

  56. Michelle commented on:

    Forgot to mention that one of my favorite things is dressing up for the openings…I would love a costume contest!

  57. Rhiannon commented on:

    Where do I find the book swag? I want all of it!!!

  58. Lauren commented on:

    Well I think maybe an iko lipgloss because of the part in when she puts lipstick on in cinder and a prince Kaito poster for a deadication for Peony. Then maybe signed bookmarks or an Iko poster. Man I love Iko!

  59. Cathy commented on:

    I love the ‘swag’ ideas, esp the badges, they’re a classic! XD I was thinking maybe you could make keychains with the first letter of the books (C for cinder, S for Scarlet) from the covers or the whole name (whichever you want) 😉

  60. Adele commented on:

    Why not a bracelet for Cress with a crescent moon charm? Or a necklace. Or what about a charm bracelet, red high heel for Cinder, wolf charm for scarlet, moon for crescent etc. Love the idea of sweatshirts and badges!

  61. Alyssa commented on:

    Maybe you could also include a dooknob sign. You know those signs we hang up on our doorknob when we don’t want to be disturbed (forgot what they call those). And it would be awesome if you’ll make one saying “I’m having some Kai moments here, DO NOT DISTURB” or “Too many feels right now. Do not disturb or else I’ll make you as ugly as Queen Levana” or something like that. Hee. And oh, you should definitely make more pins. Love those stuffs! Hope I can own one of those someday. 🙂

  62. Adele commented on:

    Okay, I don’t know how many comments I’ve posted on the site but I’ve done a LOT! I didn’t know there was book swag until today! LOL. I feel like an idiot. I think that Celine (Whoever you are!) has a point. Charm bracelet-YES! So out of this world. Crescent moon, tomato, wolf, high heel, crown etc. Miss Meyer, what do you think? I’m starting a lunar chronicle website by the way. A place packed full of lunar chronicle stuff, giveaways, games, activetys (oops misspelled word alert!) and a place for fans to meet and talk and share. I have a TON of idea’s. But really, share your idea’s and email me maybe. But yes, share your idea’s and soon there will be an offical (Mispelled Word AGAIN) website soon in a month? weeks? SOON. This is the address: Soon this will be a valid address. SO PLEASE SEND ME YOUR IDEA’S! I also really want to have a chat room with you guys and finally meet you! I know of no other lunar chronicles fans where I live- I mean NO FANS! Please reply in the comments. PLEASE! By the way, I love the speech, I’m dying until Cress, Winter and Heartless come out, when will I know about the cinder movie!? I love lunar chronicles. GO CRAZY LUNARS! I’m a MOON FAN NOW! Peace, Love and Lunar you guys.

  63. Slavena commented on:

    Badges are very strong and ideqta for t-shirts too. I would also like a sticker ”rampion is my other vehicle”!

  64. rose commented on:

    I have some ok t-shirt ideas. If i can remember them I’ll post them……….. somewhere.

  65. Karen Birol commented on:

    I feel so deprived huhu why am I so far away? I want the goodies!!!! :((((

  66. Jojo commented on:

    I love the ideas of the iPhone Skins and the t-Shirts. All of them sound so exciting! So exciting that I screamed and was loud enough for my neighbor to call me and ask me what was wrong (*cough cough* big fan here)

  67. Brooke commented on:

    I love the swag ideas and all the ideas from the other comments! I think that bed spreads and pillow cases and such would be AWESOME!!

  68. Summer Caraway commented on:

    I would definitely buy the portscreen skins for checking out feeds on the net

  69. Amanda commented on:

    I know its late, but it would have been so cool if you would have made a charm bracelet, and with every book that came out, a few new charms would be available.

  70. Lola B commented on:

    Bracelets!!! Even rubber bracelets!

  71. Monika R commented on:

    I would love to purchase all of your swag ideas! But I would especially love the set of pins with Wolf is my Alpha, Thorne is my Captain, Kaito is my Prince Charming, and Jacin Is my Pretector. I’m kind of hoping I could somehow get them. I would really love to get these for my Quince because it’s a little bit of a Cinderella theme and that’s exactly what got me so obsessed with the Lunar Chronicles!

  72. AlwaysLunar commented on:

    …no words…fangirling…what has happened with my life.
    Check out my wattpad. It’s AlwaysLunar.

  73. linh cinder commented on:

    any merch name your price especialy kaider stuff

  74. linh cinder commented on:

    i love the pins too

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