All Hail the Pumpkin Winners!

Posted on: 12th Nov 2012  /   Categorized: fanart

Votes have been tallied on the Great Lunar Chronicles Pumpkin Contest!

Drum roll please…..


The People’s Choice Award goes to…

CONGRATULATIONS, KATHRYN! Your Iko-Pumpkin caught voters’ hearts – and mine too. This is a fabulous representation of her that is both creative, well-executed, true to the story, and, oh yeah, ADORABLE. I love it.


The Marissa’s Choice Award goes to…

CONGRATULATIONS, WHITNEY! Cinder’s hand-made pumpkin crafted from garage-found spare parts is a work of art. I love how you constructed an entire story around it that perfectly fits with both the story and Cinder’s character. So clever and creative!

Round of applause for the winners! For their efforts, Kathryn and Whitney have each won an ARC of SCARLET! Please email your addresses to me at marissameyer {at} live dot com.

Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope you had as much fun creating as I did marveling at your creations!


  1. JessDay commented on:

    Yay! I’m so glad the Iko-pumpkin won! It’s so adorable and it won my vote!

  2. Courtney commented on:

    I’m so glad the Iko pumpkin one! It was so cute and was definitely my favorite finalist!

  3. Brandon commented on:

    Way to go Kat!!

  4. Penny Yoke commented on:

    Congrats! Yay I voted for the Iko pumpkin! 🙂 It’s really cute and although I made a pumpkin robot meant to be Iko, Kat’s one was much better. And I also wanted to vote for the metal one, and Im glad it won something too! 🙂

  5. Marissa commented on:

    Penny, I ADORED your Iko pumpkin robot! I honestly wish I could give ARCs to everyone.

  6. baekkyungs commented on:

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