Host Your Own Heartless Talent Show

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During the Heartless book tour, I tried something I hadn’t tried at previous book events. In honor of the Hatter’s Tea Party, I decided to host a little talent show at each of my events… with volunteers from the audience acting as some of the most talented individuals in the kingdom!

It ended up being a LOT of fun, and at one event someone asked if I could post the prompts that I used, in case anyone wanted to host their own talent show this holiday season.

So… here it is!


The Heartless-Inspired Talent Show


What you need: A host, some DIY talent cards (below), and some willing victims participants.


Optional: Depending on the prompts you’re using, you may also need some additional props: lightweight scarves, rolls of toilet paper, scotch tape, and a book or two. It’s also not a bad idea to have prizes for the participants.


To begin: Explain that you’re going to be celebrating the occasion with a festive talent show, in which some incredibly talented people will wow and amaze the audience with their unique talents… including some talents they may not even realize they have!

Call up your volunteers: I found that 5 or 6 volunteers at once was a good number. If you’re using 7 or more prompts, I recommend doing it in two rounds.


How it works: The first volunteer draws a talent card and hands it to the host (without peeking). The host then introduces them to the audience based on the information on the card and explains their talent.

The volunteer performs their talent, as prompted and with much enthusiasm, followed by raucous applause from the audience. And they get a prize, if you’re using them. Hoorah!

Then the next volunteer draws a card, and so on until the show is finished.


The Talents


Here are the prompts that I used. You are, of course, encouraged to come up with your own, too!


Here to amaze us with yet another avante-garde creation!
Talent: Design a ball gown for the Queen of Hearts using our specially provided materials (toilet paper and tape).

Here to instruct us all in ways of perfect posture and the literature that a modern young lady is expected to be acquainted with.
Talent: Recite a nursery rhyme while balancing books on head.
Prompts if needed: Humpty Dumpty; Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Responsible for such childhood classics as “Goldilocks and the Three Lobsters” and “The Princess and the Periodic Table.”
Talent: Invent a brand-new fictional character with the name: LADY LOVEBIRD LEBLANC.

Break out the handkerchiefs, ladies, as I don’t think there will be a dry eye in the theater after being serenaded with this operatic rendition of “I’m a Little Teapot.”
Talent: Sing “I’m a Little Teapot,” opera-style.

Specializing in impersonations of beloved literary characters.
Talent: act out one of the below characters, using speech and actions but avoiding saying any names.
A: Captain Carswell Thorne
B: Hermione Granger

Here to let the muse speak through them once again.
Talent: Compose a love poem / love letter to ___ (any fun object in the room)

Most well-known for his/her role in the famous Humdinger Quartet
Talent: Whistle or hum a song and make audience guess what it is
A. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
B. It’s a Small World
C. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star



He/she shattered previous records when they benchpressed 600 pounds… with only their right thumb.
Talent: Thumb wrestle the host
(Note to the host… let them win, with much exaggeration!)

Skilled in tight-rope walking and trapeze artistry, here to perform a hair-raising, death-defying act. Men, you may want to have the smelling salts handy as this may prove to be too much for the more delicate ladies in the audience.
Talent: Hop on one foot while juggling scarves.

Talent: Lead the Choir (aka audience) in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” (to whoever in the audience has the next upcoming birthday)

Need more ideas? Some that we considered but ultimately got cut from our talent show were:

– do a handstand or cartwheel
– tie a tie or a bow tie (without a mirror)
– instruct everyone in proper tea party etiquette
– Freestyle rap a description of Heartless (or Cinder)
– draw a picture on some paper and have the audience guess what it is
– make a paper airplane
– tell a joke
– recite a poem

Want to see the talent show in action? You can watch it, along with the entire Heartless Launch Party presentation, on the Fierce Reads Facebook page here:

(The talent show begins around 18:00.)



If you decide to give the talent show a try at your next shindig, be sure to let me know how it goes!

Lunar Chronicles Deleted Scene #3

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I’ll be posting a new deleted scene or excerpt from The Lunar Chronicles every Friday through January 27, spanning the releases of The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book on December 6 and Wires and Nerve, vol. 1 on January 31.

SPOILERS WARNING: Even though this scene was ultimately deleted (or heavily altered), it still contains information and references to things that did make it into the book. I strongly encourage readers to enjoy the published books before proceeding!

Lunar Chronicles Deleted Scene #3


From: Scarlet, 1st draft


Featuring: Scarlet and Wolf



Helpful set-up: In the early version of this book, Wolf had amnesia and couldn’t remember anything about his life prior to a few weeks before. In this scene, Scarlet is taking him to the police station in an attempt to find some information about who he is and where he comes from.


* * *


They took a hovercab to the police station in the frosty late-morning. Wolf seemed to remember enough of society’s rules of politeness to hold the hover door open for Scarlet, and yet she couldn’t shake the feeeling that he was supremely grumpy for some reason. Though he always turned quickly away, she swore she’d caught him half-glaring, half-pouting at her since they’d left the apartment. It was unnerving, and a little irritating.

When he did it again on their way into the station, she finally paused on the sidewalk. “What?”


The Official(ish?) Lunar Chronicles Holiday Gift Guide

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If there’s a Lunartic on your list this year, or if you yourself are having trouble deciding what to ask Santa for, here are some ideas to get you started!

 candle Character Candles by Novelly Yours

I just ordered some of these for myself and they smell SO GOOD! Choose your favorite character (like this yummy “firewood, storms, and white tea” concoction for Cinder), or order the whole set. (And if you loved HEARTLESS, she has delicious “Cath’s Lemon Tarts” candles, too!)



Tote Bag by Miss Phi
There are lots of awesome TLC tote bags (and more!) on Society6, but this is one of my personal favorites. In fact… I should probably let Santa know about this one right away…


The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book
Of course, no fan will want to be without the official coloring book, illustrated by Kathryn Gee. (Have you seen it yet??? I LOVE IT SO MUCH.) Throw in a box of colored pencils and you’re done!


The Cinder Litographs Scarf
A subtle nod to the fandom, this super-soft scarf is printed with text straight out of the book! Choose from a variety of colors and fonts for that truly personalized feel. (Scarves not their thing? Litographs also has T-shirts, tote bags, and posters, with special designs for both Cinder and Scarlet!)



OTP Stationery by PaperYarnMoon
I don’t know about you, but I am completely smitten with this adorable greeting card! What better way to say “we belong together” than listing yourself with your fictional OTPs. *dreamy sigh*



TLC-Inspired Charm Bracelet by NightFoxCreations
Featuring everything from a wolf, a wrench, a moon, and my personal favorite… hand cuffs! (LOL) any fan will love explaining their bracelet to anyone who asks.


Boxed Set
The Lunar Chronicles Boxed Set
For the Lunartic-To-Be on your list, make sure they don’t have to suffer through all those cliffhanger endings (like you did) by gifting the whole set at once!

I hope that gives you some fun ideas. Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season!

Lunar Chronicles Deleted Scene #2

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I’ll be posting a new deleted scene or excerpt from The Lunar Chronicles every Friday through January 27, spanning the releases of The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book on December 6 and Wires and Nerve, vol. 1 on January 31.


SPOILERS WARNING: Even though this scene was ultimately deleted (or heavily altered), it still contains information and references to things that did make it into the book. I strongly encourage readers to enjoy the published books before proceeding!


Lunar Chronicles Deleted Scene #2

Okay, you guys wanted to see the original ball scene, so here it is! Some similarities, but a lot of differences, too…


From:  Cinder, 1st draft


Featuring: Cinder and Kai


Naming Notes: Like last week’s, Adele later became Adri, Merlin became Dr. Erland, and Coen became Konn Torin.


Helpful set-up: Two semi-important things to know about this early draft to keep from being too confused:

1. Originally, the Lunar gift was much more sorcery-based, to the point where talented Lunars could literally shoot fireballs out of their hands.

2. Part of Cinder’s cyborg programming in this early draft included being installed with a “codeword,” and anyone who used the codeword would be able to control her. I ultimately decided this was much too similar to Ella Enchanted and removed it, but the concept did become the basis for the Lunar ability to use mind-control.

Also, notice the stuff in ALL CAPS? That’s me leaving revision and editing notes to my future self, a tactic I still use all the time!


* * *


She sucked in a quick breath when she emerged from the hallway and found herself standing at the top of a grand staircase that overlooked the ballroom. The high ceiling had been hung with hundreds of crimson paper lanterns, each one glimmering and sending a rich, golden light over the room. The dance floor had been set up in the center, with round tables surrounding the space. Each table was bedecked in tealights and bouquets of orchids and peonies and small jade statuettes. The walls of the room were lined with folding silk screens hand-painted with intricate designs of cranes and tortoises, and each screen was flanked with massive urns filled with green, thriving bamboo stalks. All ancient signs of longevity passed on from the Commonwealth’s ancestry that hinted at a single defining message: Long Live the King.

From the vantage point, she could see almost all of the people gathered for the ball, and it was not hard to spot King Kai in the crowd. Her heart swelled to see him alive and safe, grinning and holding a glass of wine in one hand and speaking to a man that Cinder didn’t know. He was dressed in the same crimson red tunic he’d been wearing during his address earlier that evening, and his cheeks were slightly flushed—with joy or beverage, she had no idea.

“Good evening, Miss… Cinder, was it?”


The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book has arrived!

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Joy and jubilation, the TLC Coloring Book is here!!! And with character profiles, gorgeous settings, and some of my favorite scenes from the books all gorgeously illustrated, it is oh-so-breathtaking!


TLC coloring book

Marissa Meyer’s bestselling Lunar Chronicles series comes to life in a coloring book, illustrated by Kathryn Gee! Castles, costumes, and characters inspired by fairy tales are detailed with intricate and decorative drawings, perfect for coloring. Along with new text from Marissa Meyer, The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book (Feiwel & Friends) is a volume that Lunartics will want to own.


If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, it is truly stunning in person, and I really hope you’ll all enjoy it. Take a mental break this holiday season and let your creativity (and Lunartic pride) shine!


And if you live near Portland, OR, join me and Kathryn Gee TONIGHT for the Coloring Book Launch Event:

Lunar Chronicles Deleted Scene #1

Posted on: 2nd Dec 2016  /   Categorized: Cinder


As promised, welcome to the first of nine blog posts featuring deleted scenes from The Lunar Chronicles!


I’ll be posting a new scene or excerpt every Friday between now and January 27, spanning the releases of The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book on December 6 and Wires and Nerve, vol. 1 on January 31.


SPOILERS WARNING: Even though this scene was ultimately deleted from the manuscript, it still contains information and references to things that did make it into the book. I strongly encourage readers to enjoy the published books before proceeding!


Lunar Chronicles Deleted Scene #1


From: Cinder, 1st draft


Featuring: Cinder and Kai


Naming Notes: For clarity, “Adele” later became Adri, “Merlin” (yes, Merlin) became Dr. Erland; and “Coen” became Konn Torin (and pssst, he was originally a villain, secretly working for Levana! DUN DUN DUN).


Editing Notes: I really debated whether or not I should “clean up” the text of these deleted scenes before posting them. Truly, there were times when it was painful for me to read over them and not allow myself to fix this run-on sentence or delete that superfluous adverb, but I thought that posting them in their unedited versions might be useful for some aspiring writers out there to see the text rough and un-polished. Therefore, these scenes have been left untouched, with the exception of very obvious typos or misspellings.


Helpful set-up: This scene took place about halfway through the book, when Cinder went to the palace to see Prince Kai but was met with a crowd of protestors and turned away by the guards. In this initial draft, she didn’t have a handy royal android (Nainsi) to alert Kai to her presence, though, so she had to get resourceful… by using her cyborg brain to find a secret passage into the wall, of course!


* * *


At first, nothing happened. But when she pulled harder, she felt something budge, just a little. Putting all the might of her robotic limb into it, she pulled until a slab of interconnected stones pulled out from the wall, and she was left holding a heavy stone-and-grout door and staring into a dark tunnel, filled with cobwebs.

She looked at the guards and, seeing them still preoccupied, climbed into the corridor before she could change her mind. The door was outfitted with handles on the inside too and, with a little bit of grunting, she was able to lift it up and pull it back into place behind her.

It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, which she spent brushing the cobwebs from hair and shoulders, glad that years of cleaning attics and chimneys for Adele had left her with a lack of fear of the everyday creepy-crawlies.


Coloring Book Party in Portland, OR

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TLC coloring book

The Official Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book comes out next Tuesday, December 6!


If you happen to live in the Pacific Northwest, I hope you’ll join me and illustrator Kathryn Gee for a fabulous night of coloring and fun.




WHEN: Tuesday, December 6, 7:00PM

WHERE: Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing, Beaverton, OR

WHO: Kathryn Gee, fanartist and illustrator of the TLC Coloring Book, and me!

WHAT: Kathryn and I will talk about the origins of the coloring book and the process of making it a reality, followed by audience Q&A and a signing.

WHY: Because… coloring?

And oh yes, colored pencils will be provided. See you there!

Happy Cyborg Monday 2016!

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So many fun things being revealed today, so let’s get started!


The Wires and Nerve Serialization kicks off today!

Every week we’ll be releasing a new preview of Wires and Nerve, my first graphic novel that follows Iko, the beloved android, in a brand new, post-Winter story. (Release date: January 31, 2017.)

The first installment is currently available right here at A.V. Club!


A special Cyborg Monday Facebook Livestream with yours truly.

Join me tonight on the Fierce Reads Facebook page, where I’ll be talking about Heartless, Wires and Nerve, and The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book, and answering as many of your questions as I can get to!

Tonight, Nov. 28, at 9:00EST / 6:00PST at




Find out what Lunar Chronicles character you are by taking this super fun quiz! 

For the record, I’m Cress. Fangirls for the win!


The Cyborg Monday Sweepstakes

Took the quiz? Great! Now enter to win some awesome swag or a Grand Prize that will include The Lunar Chronicles box set, an Iko USB filled with Meyer content, a Litographs Cinder totebag, and more!

TO ENTER: Change your Twitter avatar to your favorite Lunar Chronicles character and tweet with #WiresandNerve and #sweepstakes! 

(Note: As this sweepstakes is being run by my U.S. publisher, I’m afraid it’s open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only. Sorry!)


Character Profiles and Downloadable Coloring Sheets

Refresh your memory about all the characters with these super fun character pages, including art from the upcoming graphic novels!

And while you’re reading up on the whole Rampion crew, don’t miss the “Download” button at the bottom of each page – where you can download advance coloring pages from the official coloring book, which isn’t in stores until Dec. 6!



The Scarlet Litograph Design Contest Winner

A HUGE congratulations to Nika, who created this stunning design, which will be available on Litographs T-shirts, tote bags, and posters later this week… just in time to share the Lunartic love for the holidays!




Deleted Scenes, Coming Your Way!

For years I’ve received dozens, nay, hundreds of requests to release some deleted scenes that never made it into the final, published books of The Lunar Chronicles.

Ask and ye shall receive! In celebration of the Coloring Book and Wires & Nerve, every week starting this Friday through the end of January I will be posting a deleted, never-before-seen* excerpt or chapter from the books. So stay tuned!


*Okay, one or two of them were included in various blog tours years ago, but for the most part they’ll be all new. 


Happy Cyborg Monday, Lunartics!


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